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Why Panasas

The Panasas ActiveStor® Solution drives industry and research innovation by accelerating workflows and simplifying data management. The ActiveStor® Solution delivers ultrafast streaming performance, true linear scalability, enterprise-grade reliability, and unparalleled ease of management. As a fully
integrated, clustered network-attached storage (NAS) appliance, ActiveStor incorporates flash and SATA storage nodes, a distributed performance-optimized parallel file system, and client protocols.

All the Features You Need

With ActiveStor, you can easily and seamlessly scale performance and capacity to any number of computing clients with a combined list of features that no other vendors offer. Your budget also scales in a predictable way because you pay for what you need when you need it—not for what you think you’ll need:

  • True linear scalability for large, unstructured datasets
  • Ultrafast streaming performance
  • Uncompromised mixed-workload performance
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and availability
  • Superior manageability for low operating expenses

No other vendor can claim to have more than two

What Makes Panasas Stand Out

Parallel data flow and direct access to data are our key differentiators. The Panasas parallel architecture increases input/output (I/O) throughput by adding more network channels between the client and Panasas storage. We connect all storage clients to all storage nodes in our scale-out NAS cluster—boosting performance, increasing availability, and eliminating hot spots.


To enable efficient scaling, Panasas clusters one or more ActiveStor enclosures together into a shared storage pool with a single namespace. As a cluster grows from one to 10, or even 100 ActiveStor enclosures, performance, capacity, and client access increase by the same factor, with nearly perfect linear scaling.

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ActiveStor can scale to more than 45PB in a single namespace with performance of up to 360GB per second and 2.6 million input/output operations per second (IOPS). By delivering data in parallel from the storage nodes to the application, the ActiveStor system multiplies the bandwidth and speeds streaming performance.

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With ActiveStor, data reliability and availability increase as you scale performance. We use erasure-code-based per-file data protection to accelerate rebuild times and Extended File System Availability (EFSA) to provide an additional layer of data protection for the namespace, directory hierarchy, and file names.

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The Panasas scale-out storage system is a single entity managed from a single graphical user interface (GUI), no matter how many ActiveStor enclosures you integrate. One IT administrator can easily manage dozens to hundreds of terabytes of storage. Administration remains easy, even when the ActiveStor system scales to petabytes of storage capacity.

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Customers Driven By Performance

Companies want their data to be accessible, secure, and easy to manage. Our customers accomplish this and more with the ActiveStor solution: the conduct advanced genomic research using the latest sequencing technology, render visual effects for animated films, design advanced aircraft with complex computer-aided engineering and finite element analysis models, and optimize the extraction of oil-and-gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis.

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