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Exceptional Performance

Superior Speed Provides Real Business Value

When client machines wait for storage systems to input and output data, it delays workflows and negatively impacts productivity. With PanFS® on ActiveStor® Ultra, data flows directly from our storage nodes to applications—with no hops through intermediate computers or even extra network links. Faster processing means better performance, for your storage and your business.

Unlimited Linear Performance Scalability

Performance scales seamlessly with PanFS® on ActiveStor® Ultra. With our scale-out architecture you can grow storage capacity, dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) caching, and network bandwidth incrementally and linearly as you add more ActiveStor enclosures. A balanced node architecture optimizes networking, CPU, memory, and storage capacity to prevent performance hot spots and bottlenecks.

Consistently High Mixed-Workload Performance

Rapid Data Transfer

Fully parallel file system with parallel datapath.


Flash Acceleration

High input/output operations per second (IOPS) for small file workloads and increased metadata performance.



Exceptionally fast file data transfers.



Optimized performance and elimination of hot spots.


Elimination of multiple islands of storage.

Intelligent Data Placement

The right storage device for each data type.

New and Improved PanFS

We recently rewrote the PanFS® parallel file system software to better meet the needs of the most advanced high performance computing (HPC) users and use cases. This Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)-compliant file system is layered over a proprietary object store, giving you limitless capacity and performance scalability with blazing speed.