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Solution Briefs

Panasas+Seagate solution brief

Boosting ActiveStor Performance: A Seagate and Panasas Collaboration

Today, the next-generation Panasas ActiveStor Ultra high-performance storage solution brings together the PanFS parallel file system with Sea-gate’s Exos 2X18 dual-actuator hard drive for nearly doubled performance.


Panasas Altair Solution Brief thumbnail

Optimizing AI-Powered Designs with Panasas and Altair HyperWorks

In this solution brief, we’ll cover the synergy between the Altair® HyperWorks® platform and Panasas® data storage solutions powered by PanFS® to show how these technologies revolutionize engineering processes and turn data challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.


Panasas Penguin and Cornelis solution brief thumbnail

Panasas®, Penguin Solutions™, and Cornelis Networks™ Team Up to Transform HPC

Today’s high-performance computing (HPC) continues to transform from the modeling and simulation of traditional research labs to an ever-evolving convergence of workloads and technologies. Penguin SolutionsTM, Panasas®, and Cornelis NetworksTM have come together to define and test a reference design of Penguin Solutions Altus® servers and Panasas ActiveStor® storage appliances connected with the Cornelis OPX fabric.



Data Storage Solutions for Microscopy Workflows

The Data Foundation for the Resolution Revolution

Are you struggling to manage your cryo-EM or other imaging data output? Panasas data storage starts with a small entry-point and scales limitlessly to match your research needs. With the Panasas PanFS® file system and software suite, you can easily manage anything from hundreds of TBs to multiple PBs of data.


Panasas_SolutionBrief_ActiveStor_Ultra_Edge thumbnail

Revolutionize Your Research Data Storage with ActiveStor Ultra Edge

Enter Panasas ActiveStor® Ultra Edge.

Get scalable storage for research data with an approachable entry point
With the ActiveStor Ultra Edge solution, researchers can now support their instruments and workflows with an entry-sized platform running the Panasas PanFS® data engine, a mature and stable parallel file system designed to handle the diverse and unpredictable workflows in life sciences. With a modest entry point and unlimited scalability, ActiveStor Ultra Edge keeps up with any pace of research needs and delivers the following advantages.



The Data Foundation Government Agencies Can Trust

The high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML)
workflows deployed across federal agencies demand a modern HPC storage platform that can
easily adapt to diverse application types and dynamically changing workload patterns. Agencies
need solutions that provide frustration-free management, 24/7/365 data availability, and a wide
performance profile – all at a reasonable price point.

At Panasas, we’ve designed the data foundation that delivers on all fronts. For over 24 years, we
have partnered with world-leading organizations across the United States and allied countries to
power their most demanding workloads.


Bringing Security to High Performance Computing: Using Thales Enterprise Key Management for Panasas PanFS Encryption

Whether used to understand complex climate and weather forces or analyze defense and military intelligence data, high performance computing (HPC) systems store and manage massive volumes of data. HPC data is often sensitive and needs to be protected from unauthorized access – both from within the organization and without.

The best way to protect HPC data is to encrypt it. However, encrypting large volumes of data can generate large numbers of encryption keys, key stores and access policies. This creates a significant administrative burden to manage both the encryption and the associated key lifecycles.

Fortunately, Panasas and Thales have teamed together to offer customers a secure option for HPC systems.


safeguarding hpc storage and customer data with panfs solution brief thumbnail

Safeguarding HPC Storage and Customer Data with PanFS

Now in its 9th generation, PanFS® — the Panasas parallel file system — delivers the highest performance among competitive HPC storage systems at any capacity, and takes the complexity and unreliability of typical high-performance computing (HPC) storage systems off your hands, and it does so using commodity hardware at competitive price points.

PanFS orchestrates multiple computers into a single entity that serves your data to your compute cluster. Through sophisticated software, multiple computers that each have HDDs and/or SSDs attached to them will work together to provide hundreds of Gigabytes per second (GB/s) of data being read and written by your HPC applications.


panasas panfs and thales tct ciphertrust manager solution brief thumbnail

Panasas PanFS and Thales TCT CipherTrust Manager

The management and security of the encryption keys that enable data at rest encryption is paramount. Panasas PanFS integrates with Thales TCT CipherTrust Manger to mitigate the threat of unauthorized access to encrypted data. CipherTrust Manager provides role-based access control to keys and policies, multi-tenancy support, and robust auditing and reporting of all key management and encryption operations.



Accelerating Financial Services with High Performance Parallel Storage

ActiveStor® Ultra with PanFS® is Panasas’ latest and most adaptable, total performance HPC storage system. PanFS combines a distributed and clustered parallel file system into an integrated platform to deliver predictable high performance that automatically adapts to financial services workloads. What’s more, Panasas ActiveStor Ultra has the enterprise-class reliability, ease of management, and great support other parallel file systems simply can’t match.


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