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High Performance

Consistently High Performance Regardless of Workload Complexity


The Panasas® solution performs consistently, even as workloads change and the volume of data, applications, and users expands. And the PanFS parallel file system requires no manual intervention to tune for these changes. With Panasas, you just set it and forget it.

Linear Scalability
Without Limitation


Quickly scale in increments without interruption or the need to tune. Our object back-end scales limitlessly so you can grow capacity and performance effortlessly. A balanced node architecture optimizes networking, CPU, memory, and storage capacity, preventing hot spots and bottlenecks.

Maximum Total Performance for Diverse
and Changing Workflows in HPC and AI


Dynamic Data Acceleration manages the movement of files between SSD and HDD and maximizes the full potential of NVMe:

    • Small files are stored on low-latency flash SSD
    • Large files are stored on low-cost, high-capacity, high bandwidth HDD
    • Metadata is stored on low-latency NVMe SSD
    • An NVDIMM intent-log stages both data & metadata operations
    • Unmodified data and metadata are cached in DRAM

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