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Modern HPC solutions to power mission-critical workloads.

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Federal Data Solutions – Evolved

Federal organizations rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML), and high-performance computing (HPC) to solve some of the nation’s most pressing challenges. As AI/ML and HPC workloads converge in the modern HPC ecosystem, agencies need cost-efficient solutions that serve their rapidly evolving data requirements.  

Panasas has proven experience delivering data storage and management solutions uniquely designed to adapt to diverse application types and dynamically changing workload patterns. For over two decades, government researchers have continued to partner with Panasas to drive their high-performance scientific computing. 

Performance, Simplicity, and Reliability at Scale

Panasas ActiveStor® systems running the Panasas PanFS® parallel file system eliminate the limitations of legacy storage and overcome the challenges posed by other parallel file systems.

Panasas offers an experience that is truly simple – organizations can consolidate diverse unstructured data workloads onto a single platform with easy, centralized storage management, an intuitive interface, and virtually zero learning curve. With only one Panasas storage admin, you will:

  • Accelerate all your workloads with an intelligent, high-speed data engine.
  • Rest easy with enhanced reliability, availability, and security.
  • Drive smarter decisions with agency wide data discovery and movement.

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Discover the Panasas Difference

Government agencies rely on Panasas ActiveStor solutions to model weather and climate change, boost national security, identify threats, anticipate economic downturns, and pinpoint patterns of disease. These use cases require a modern HPC platform that offers frustration-free management, 24/7/365 data availability, and cost efficiency. Panasas delivers on all fronts. 


Agencies that monitor, model, and analyze climate and weather changes partner with Panasas to run simulations faster, even with growing data volumes.

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Leading defense organizations choose Panasas to support highly accurate mission simulations and speed complex analyses for enhanced national security.


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To understand adversaries and risks, intelligence organizations count on Panasas to support the collection, analysis, and storage of vast amounts of disparate information.

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Organizations choose Panasas to support fast, precise economic simulation, analysis, and modeling of the effects of interest rate changes, forecasts, and agricultural factors.


LIFE SCIENCES & Healthcare

As data sizes continue to grow and AI/ML initiatives expand at life sciences and healthcare organizations, Panasas provides a storage foundation that optimizes data-intensive molecular imaging, NGS, and bioinformatics workflows across government agencies.

Advanced research

Panasas solutions drive advancements in computational fluid dynamics, materials science, and particle physics research at national labs across the globe.

"Rather than having a cluster node failure at least once a week, as a comparable system with local disks would experience, the time between node failures was increased to once every seven weeks."

Ron Minnich, Leader of Cluster Research Team
Los Alamos National Laboratory