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Big Data Storage

Government agencies and laboratories often work with enormous data sets for initiatives in energy research, biomedical advances, global climate change and weather forecasting, and defense and homeland security. Like their commercial counterparts, these organizations are exceeding the limits of their legacy infrastructures—especially when it comes to storage.

The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution provides unprecedented bandwidth scalability to accelerate throughput for some of the most demanding government applications. The system’s massive scalability can generate multipetabyte data sets within a single shared file system to accelerate analysis and visualization. These data sets may be effectively shared across computing environments.

Break through the limitations of traditional storage by upgrading to ActiveStor scale-out network-attached storage (NAS).


Public Sector Applications

One IT administrator can easily manage hundreds of terabytes of storage, helping to cut operating costs. With the ActiveStor solution, your organization can achieve results on par with the most forward-thinking commercial enterprises.


Global climate modeling requires significant computational resources. The ActiveStor solution meets the need for ever-increasing data-set sizes by providing finer resolution results that support more informed decisions.



The ActiveStor solution offers timely access to data that helps protect valuable assets and bolster national security, such as providing time-critical information for mission planning.



In today’s turbulent world, the ability to collect, analyze, and store vast amounts of disparate information helps intelligence organizations understand adversaries and risks.



Using complex financial modeling that requires high-performance storage, institutions protect against recession by understanding the effects of interest rate changes and forecasting economic conditions.


Drive Performance and Innovation

Companies want their data to be accessible, secure, and easy to manage. Our customers accomplish this and more with the ActiveStor solution: the conduct advanced genomic research using the latest sequencing technology, render visual effects for animated films, design advanced aircraft with complex computer-aided engineering and finite element analysis models, and optimize the extraction of oil-and-gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis.

"Rather than having a cluster node failure at least once a week, as a comparable system with local disks would experience, the time between node failures was increased to once every seven weeks."

Ron Minnich, Leader of Cluster Research Team
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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