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Accelerate Academic Research

It’s more than storage—it’s your quest

Maximize Productivity, Affordably

Diverse research activities require flexible, affordable technology that reliably handles massive data sets. Solutions must maximize productivity while supporting innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality.

The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution handles huge data volumes while affordably delivering high performance and availability. The scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) system supports shared computational solutions for scientific and engineering collaboration–helping institutions run at peak efficiency while maximizing innovation.


Experience Zero Frustration HPC Storage for Universities

Higher education and research institutions historically accepted that in order to get high performance storage at a reasonable cost, they had to sacrifice easy management, reliability and great support. Well, those times are changing.

Learn more about this special offer and find out why higher education and research institutions trust Panasas data storage to support and accelerate their important work.

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Support Demanding, Data-Intensive Applications

Increase research productivity and enable groundbreaking scientific insights with scalable, ultrafast performance from Panasas. Mixed workload processing delivers the speed needed for scientific, engineering, and humanities research, even in private cloud settings. And low-touch administration makes the solution manageable and affordable.

Drive Performance and Innovation

Higher education and research institutions use the Panasas solution to model weather and climate change, develop new industrial materials, perform compute-intensive simulations, analyze complex mathematical models, and create new products.

“The Panasas parallel file system remains resilient even at scale, and the direct and parallel access to the storage pool means that we can work on our most complex simulations, unaffected by the system bottlenecks of our previous equipment. The Panasas solution gives us powerful HPC capabilities to help leverage our massive datasets to advance essential scientific discovery.”

Dr. Bryan Lawrence
University of Reading and National Centre for Atmospheric Science

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