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BIOS IT Partners with Panasas to Deliver ActiveStor Ultra Turnkey HPC Storage Appliances

May 19, 2020
Global high-performance computing (HPC) integration specialists BIOS IT has partnered with HPC storage expert Panasas® to deliver turnkey storage solutions leveraging the Panasas ActiveStor® Ultra appliance.

ActiveStor Ultra runs the PanFS® parallel file system on industry-standard hardware to offer leading price/performance in a storage system that maximizes simplicity, boosts reliability, and delivers the industry’s lowest total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

BIOS IT will sell Panasas storage solutions throughout the US, EMEA and APAC as an appointed value-added reseller (VAR), providing customized HPC product and service solutions to its customers… Learn More


New Study Exposes Hidden Costs of High-Performance Storage; Downtime and Labor Costs Are Significant Burdens That Risk the Mission

May 6, 2020
Total cost of ownership (TCO) now rivals performance as a top criterion for purchasing high-performance computing (HPC) storage systems, according to an independent study published by Hyperion Research.

While performance still ranked first (57%), TCO tied with purchase price at 37% as the second most important consideration cited by users. This points to an important shift, as HPC storage buyers have historically given less credence to ongoing operating costs, particularly millions of dollars lost due to downtime. Almost half of the surveyed respondents experience storage system failures once a month or more, with some outages leading to downtimes that can last as long as a week. A single day of downtime costs can range from $100,000 to more than $1 million… Learn More


Accelerating HPC Applications with Panasas’ ASCA Intelligent Data Placement Architecture

March 23, 2020
Organizations need to periodically rethink their high-performance storage strategies due to changing requirements for high-performance computing (HPC).

In the past, a lab or corporation might run a limited set of HPC applications. So a system and its storage could be optimized for a narrow set of workloads. Today, HPC workloads in most organizations are highly variable. One group might need to train a machine learning model, another might run very granular finite element simulation models, and yet another might require the lookup and high-speed search of a massive genomics database… Learn More


Solving the storage conundrum to accelerate life science innovation

March 2020
An inability to process large and complex datasets is hindering innovation in life sciences, but change is on the horizon as the sector increasingly makes use of HighPerformance Computing (HPC) technology in a more productive way. The biggest driver towards HPC is the progressively large data sets that researchers are working with that have grown almost exponentially over the last few decades… Learn More


AI is Driving Storage Down New Avenues

January 27, 2020
Storage systems are inherently data intensive. But the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence as a standard datacenter workload has storage vendors scrambling to design platforms that better meet the more stringent performance needs of these applications.

Panasas, one of the few HPC storage specialist that hasn’t been swallowed by a larger IT company, knows a thing or two about how to design for performance. After all, it’s been churning out HPC storage appliances since 1999. But AI and similarly data-intensive codes have thrust the issue of I/O latency to the forefront. Minimizing latency ensures that the system’s most expensive componentry, namely CPUs and GPUs, are kept busy and not sitting idle waiting for data to arrive… Learn More


Exxact Partners with Panasas to Deliver Turnkey HPC Storage Clusters Featuring ActiveStor Ultra with PanFS

January 15, 2020
Exxact Corporation and Panasas®, Inc. are pleased to announce today their partnership, with Exxact joining the Panasas Accelerate Channel Partner Program as a key distributor and integrator for the Panasas ActiveStor® Ultra product line, providing installation, configuration and support services globally… Learn More


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