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Sea of Data

October 10, 2019
Energy companies are under tremendous pressure to safely and cost-effectively extract oil and gas from undersea reservoirs. To better understand where and when they should drill, these firms rely on seismic surveys to provide complex decision-support information… Learn More


Visual effects studio puts Panasas ActiveStor in the movies

October 7, 2019
Media studios face a number of storage challenges that aren’t easily solved with most networked storage products.

For one, data deduplication isn’t practical for large unstructured media files, making disk preferable to faster flash storage. Another challenge is delivering parallel file storage for hundreds of users to access the same data simultaneously, without a decline in performance.

As part of its storage upgrade, visual effects company Whiskytree recently implemented Panasas ActiveStor NAS to foster real-time collaboration and computer rendering for its data-intensive workflows… Learn More


Deepening Storage Hierarchies Spark New Set of Challenges

October 6, 2019
Storage hierarchies just aren’t what they used to be.

In the good old days, you stored files on hard disk or magnetic tape. And given the huge disparity between price and performance between those two media, it was pretty obvious which of your files went where. But with the advent of flash storage devices, and now storage-class memory (SCM), figuring out where your data should reside at any given moment has become a lot more challenging… Learn More


High performance computing: Do you need it?

October 4, 2019
In today’s data-driven world, high performance computing (HPC) is emerging as the go-to platform for enterprises looking to gain deep insights into areas as diverse as genomics, computational chemistry, financial risk modeling and seismic imaging. Initially embraced by research scientists who needed to perform complex mathematical calculations, HPC is now gaining the attention of a wider number of enterprises spanning an array of fields… Learn More


Panasas High-Performance Data Storage Supports Environmentally Responsible Energy Exploration

September 16, 2019
Magseis Fairfield deploys the Panasas ActiveStor® appliance for remote storage support in rugged off-shore environments around the world, where it acquires and stores large amounts of seismic 3D and 4D data used to create highly accurate reservoir models that help reduce the risk of drilling errors, avoid unnecessary disruption of natural sites, and streamline resource extraction… Learn More


Keeping Pace with Rapid Storage Sophistication

September 13, 2019
It used to be far easier to talk about storage performance, cost, and options. But in the last few years, and certainly going forward, things are set to get far more complicated for both technology creators and end users.

As with every set of transitions in one part of the stack, the complexity will be mitigated via natural selection among vendors who build onto core technologies and previous best practices but there is a long road ahead for storage makers and consumers at scale. Long gone are the simple days of disk, tape, and fibre channel… Learn More


Whiskytree experiences growth, upgrades tools

September 10, 2019
Visual effects and content creation company Whiskytree has gone through a growth spurt that included a substantial increase in staff, a new physical space and new infrastructure.

Providing content for films, television, the Web, apps, game and VR or AR, Whiskytree’s team of artists, designers and technicians use applications such as Autodesk Maya, Side Effects Houdini, Autodesk Arnold, Gaffer and Foundry Nuke on Linux — along with custom tools — to create computer graphics and visual effects… Learn More


Optimizing Storage to Address Workflow Challenges in Biotech and Life Sciences Applications

September 9, 2019
Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword: it is an inescapable truth for many industries, including life sciences, and data storage is at the heart of this digital revolution. The volume of life sciences data is growing at a phenomenal rate, driven by disciplines such as genomics, predictive biology, drug discovery, bioinformatics, and computational chemistry—where data volumes are increasing due to more extensive population studies, more in-depth sequencing coverage, and new instrumentation systems… Learn More


Taking AI and HPC out of the Laboratory – Panasas show the power of automation and hardware abstraction to bring HPC and AI processing within the reach and capability of the Enterprise

August 30, 2019
The growth in demand for Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving the High-Performance Computing (HPC) required, to process the data and perform the calculations, out of the laboratory and into the Enterprise. That does bring with it some challenges… Learn More


Change Management – CEO Interview with Storage Magazine UK

August 1, 2019
Faye Pairman, CEO and President, Panasas, speaks to Storage magazine editor David Tyler about how making storage manageable is key to succeeding in the HPC market… Learn More


Open source vs. commercial parallel file systems: Truth and fiction in a HPC World

July 13, 2019
Messe Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany
In the fast-paced world of HPC, data storage is an essential component in guaranteeing business critical deliverables. HPC data storage systems rely on parallel file systems to deliver maximum performance – but CIOs have two options to choose from, as Jim Donovan explores… Learn More


Storage in Life Sciences

June/July 2019
With data rates increasing and more complex challenges arising in life sciences, Panasas’ Jim Donovan and Dale Brantly discuss the benefits of using HPC for these workloads… Learn More


Video: Panasas Delivers Frustration Free HPC Storage at ISC 2019

June 20, 2019
In this video from ISC 2019 in Frankfurt, Dale Brantley from Panasas describes how the company delivers a frustration-free HPC storage environment… Learn More


Storage Underpins Interplay Between HPC and AI

May 9, 2019
It is difficult to talk about AI at scale without invoking the decades of work that has happened in the supercomputing trenches. This is where much of the underlying GPU foundation was built, not to mention various other elements in storage, networks, and systems software to keep beefy CPUs and accelerators fed… Read More


Panasas Featured in CRN’s 2019 Partner Program Guide for Third Consecutive Year

April 3, 2019
IT channel’s annual guide recognizes Panasas Accelerate as a top partner program… Read More


Panasas Secures Growth Investment, Jorge Titinger Joins Board

February 26, 2019
HPC storage supplier Panasas, maker of scale-out NAS appliances, today announced a funding round and an expansion to its board of directors that it says will enable the acceleration of its… Read More


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