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Computer Aided Engineering

Simulations at the Speed of Business

Create highly accurate simulations and support complex design processes that meet the dynamic demands of your customers. The Panasas ActiveStor solution helps you accelerate product development while reducing time to market.

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Competing on Product Design

To design and engineer cutting-edge products in a highly competitive market, manufacturers require speed and accuracy. You need to run computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulations that support rapid development and high-quality production to maximize both yield and business profitability.

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Superior Performance for Today’s Manufacturers

Technology should never disrupt your business. With Panasas, you can count on highly reliable storage that scales to meet your changing needs, while delivering the power engineers need to design products and run simulations faster and more efficiently.

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Powerful Performance

Data workloads shift as your manufacturing processes change, but system performance should never vary. Whether processing large or small files, the Panasas ActiveStor solution delivers consistently high performance. Dedicated metadata processing, small-file processing in flash, and large RAM cache in storage blades efficiently handle mixed workloads.

Room to Grow

Keep pace with business growth and dynamic manufacturing requirements using the scalable performance and capacity of the ActiveStor solution. Using a global namespace, the solution linearly scales up or out, so you can add storage without interruption or back-end complexity.

Quick, Efficient Simulations

Delays and errors are not acceptable in your fast-moving business. With powerful, out-of-the-box performance, the ActiveStor solution helps engineers run simulations quickly and efficiently, increasing design integrity and reducing time to market.

Rigorous Design Testing

Ensure product safety and protect your reputation with detailed design testing and simulation. Leading aerospace, automotive, and consumer product manufacturers choose the ActiveStor solution to perform highly accurate simulations that test and verify complex product designs.