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Extreme Flexibility


The new generation of PanFS® is a portable parallel filesystem ready to run on qualified commodity or OEM-certified storage hardware, allowing for rapid adoption of new hardware capabilities and an expanded portfolio of hardware options over time.

Advanced Technology Support

Because the ActiveStor Ultra solution is Linux-based, it uses the open source technologies of the latest storage, networking, and computing devices. It can also be deployed on commodity hardware. These features accelerate your adoption of advanced technologies, supporting rapid innovation.

As a portable file system integrated with state-of-the art commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, PanFS on ActiveStor® Ultra creates a storage solution ready to adopt the latest hardware technologies as well as up-to-date software features available from Linux and other open source offerings.

Adaptability for Dynamically Changing Workloads

Challenged by the extreme performance, enterprise-grade reliability, and manageability required to process the large and complex datasets associated with HPC workloads and emerging applications like AI? Configure your storage to your exact workload needs by indepently setting bandwidth, capacity, and metadata performance with granular control.