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ActiveStor InfiniBand Router

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High-Performance Connection to InfiniBand Network Fabric

ActiveStor® InfiniBand Router nodes have both Ethernet and InfiniBand network interfaces and are configured to route IP traffic between the two. The ActiveStor InfiniBand Router enclosure can be configured with up to four ActiveStor InfiniBand Router nodes providing cost-effective, high-performance, and low-latency InfiniBand fabric connectivity to ActiveStor storage solutions.



High Availability

ActiveStor InfiniBand Routers can be combined with optional Ethernet switches providing automated and seamless data path failover for continuous network access.

Balanced Performance

With ActiveStor InfiniBand Routers and switch solutions, data path load balancing is provided for optimal performance.


ActiveStor InfiniBand Router is compatible with all HDR100/EDR/FDR/QDR InfiniBand networks ensuring the highest levels of system interoperability.