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5 Reasons You Need to Prioritize HPC Reliability

At Panasas, reliability is in our DNA. We develop HPC and Al/ML solutions that deliver the reliable storage and data mobility you need to support critical operational priorities. With our parallel file system, PanFS®, data reliability increases with scale and your HPC system is protected in 5 ways.


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The Modern HPC Storage Quick Guide

Discover the data engine for all your HPC and AI/ML applications

You’ve entered the era where modern high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) have converged into a unified ecosystem. HPC applications use AI/ML for large-scale modeling and simulation optimization, and data storage access patterns are diverse and require a wide performance profile. It all adds up to an urgent demand for a storage platform designed for dynamically changing workload patterns and volumes.


5 Top Reasons Why PanFS Tops Lustre

01 PhD in Lustre Not Required

02 Simple, Frustration- Free Management

03 Scalable Data Protection and Reliability

04 No Tiers Means No Tears

05 Unparalleled Uptime


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Cryo-EM data challenges and solutions

See why cryo-EM research groups around the globe choose Panasas to help them overcome their data challenges and accelerate their research pipelines.



Modern HPC Storage for Government Agencies

Government organizations have some of the most demanding workloads in the history of high-performancecomputing (HPC). The artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML) and HPC applications they use to solve national challenges run on mountains of data stored in multiple locations, formats, and systems.

Storing, protecting, and managing all this mission-critical data can seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

Panasas ActiveStor® solutions running the PanFS® parallel file system are designed to drive data-intensive HPC and AI/ML workflows. Here’s how we help federal agencies thrive with a modern HPC storage platform that delivers optimized performance, easy data management, and unmatched reliability.


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The Data Bedrock for Energy Applications

Power your energy workloads with Panasas

As energy companies race to supply increasing global demand, they face mounting pressure to meet critical sustainability initiatives. Addressing this dual challenge requires powerful high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies.

Harnessing the value of huge volumes of data gives energy companies the strongest advantage – meaning the most successful organizations will be the ones making the smartest data infrastructure decisions.

Panasas designs workload-optimized storage solutions to power the energy sector’s most demanding HPC and AI/ML applications. Whether you’re performing mountains of seismic analyses, lighting up solar energy and batteries, or growing sustainable biofuel solutions, the PanFS® data engine running on ActiveStor® storage gives you limitless scalability, performance, and reliability.


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Higher Ed Data Storage Just Got Smarter

Discover the data engine for academic research

Universities and research institutes have brilliant minds, talented data scientists, and powerful compute at the ready. What’s often missing is an intelligent data storage platform capable of fully unleashing that potential.

We’ve designed the solution.

Small IT teams, multiple research groups, lean budgets, massive datasets, mixed workloads – these cease to be problems with Panasas as your data foundation. The PanFS® file system running on ActiveStor® systems powers some of higher education’s most data-intensive research in bioinformatics, high energy physics, genomics, material sciences, machine learning (ML), and beyond.


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Discover the Data Engine for Life Sciences

Do more with your data.

The life sciences industry is awash in a data deluge, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Forward-thinking organizations need healthy data ecosystems that enable them to extract the most value from that data.

That’s where we come in.

With Panasas ActiveStor® appliances running the PanFS® data engine, you can consolidate your organization’s IT with a simple, reliable, and versatile data storage solution that streamlines data management and drives innovation across your workflows.


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HPC Halloween Horrors

The cobweb-like complexities of HPC storage

HPC IT environments are critical for numerous industries and use cases, from simulation tools for product development, life sciences research, financial analysis, video rendering, economic modelling, big data analytics and more. However, the majority of HPC storage solutions are overwhelmingly complex, unreliable and costly.

A recent global study by Hyperion Research highlights three ways in which organisations can become ensnared in a sinisterly high total cost of ownership.


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Beating HPC Storage Challenges

Architecture is key to overcoming the operational challenges of your HPC storage system

A recent study by Hyperion Research uncovered the most common operational challenges in storage infrastructure. Download our infographic to look at the top three and consider the role architecture plays in overcoming those challenges.


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Seven Big Ideas that Came to Life by Thinking Beyond Storage

Big ideas won’t take flight if your data storage can’t keep up. True innovation can only happen when your storage technology is so nimble, stable, and future-ready that it fades into the background. Whether you’re designing state-of-the-art jetliners, creating mind-blowing visual effects, discovering the next cure for diseases, or predicting weather patterns, Panasas allows you to execute the big ideas that can change your business, your customers, and your world.


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