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Certifications for Technical Proficiency

inline image In-Depth Training for Administrators

In-Depth Training for Administrators

Panasas® training can help your staff increase technical proficiency, improving user and IT productivity and enhancing performance. Technical certifications benefit employees, helping them to advance their careers and achieve higher job satisfaction.

Panasas Training Courses

Panasas offers courses at our facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and San Jose, California. We can also deliver customized training classes at your location. Our instructors are Panasas engineers with extensive hands-on experience and technical training. We offer two certification courses for system administrators.

Next Gen PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra

This new, remote learning course draws upon the knowledge obtained from the PanFS® System Administration Certification course or from relevant, practical PanFS system administration experience. The training materials introduce the Systems Administrator or IT team member to the new architecture, features, and hardware of Panasas’ new storage appliance – ActiveStor® Ultra, featuring the next generation of the PanFS parallel file system. The course covers the significant changes within the ActiveStor Ultra hardware architecture, components, and networking. In addition, the new software architecture and features will be presented along with the configuration and operational considerations from previous releases.

Introduction to Panfs

Join our 5-day (4 hours per day) comprehensive course designed for new customers to gain in-depth knowledge of PanFS.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the components of PanFS
  • Know how to operate the realm
  • Know how to install and configure DirectFlow clients
  • Know how to utilize MyPanasas and support resources

PanFS System Administration Certification

After successful completion of this five days course, Panasas PanFS® Certified System Administrators can:

  • Install Panasas ActiveStor® hardware and software.
  • Configure PanFS storage operating systems and use the command-line interface and Panasas PanActive Management Interface.
  • Access storage using the Panasas DirectFlow® protocol and Network File System and Common Internet File System protocols.
  • Diagnose and resolve basic software and hardware errors

PanFS System Advanced Troubleshooting

This 3 days course helps PanFS Certified System Administrators deepen their skills for advanced troubleshooting and system management. Each attendee partners with two or three other students for hands-on exercises using Panasas equipment. Upon completion of this course, Certified Advanced Storage Engineers can:

  • Upgrade Panasas hardware and software.
  • Diagnose and resolve advanced software and hardware issues.
  • Implement, configure, and monitor high-availability deployments.

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Have a question related to training? Contact our support team at MyPanasas or by calling any of our toll-free numbers.

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