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Converge, Consolidate, Control Solving the Enterprise HPC and AIML Challenge

Converge, Consolidate, Control: Solving the Enterprise HPC and AI/ML Challenge

The convergence of HPC and AI/ML in the enterprise presents a series of storage challenges — categorized and covered in this eBook — that can result in inconsistent performance levels, manageability and security issues, and a lot of attrition.

Why is Panasas uniquely positioned to help you overcome these challenges? We know better than anyone else what you don’t want. You don’t want to pay a hefty price to meet the performance demands for running multiple applications with different I/O patterns and file sizes, or mixed workloads. You don’t want to keep bringing in experts to manually tune multiple storage environments and deal with the management burdens associated with those systems. And, if possible, you don’t want to worry about whether your systems meet data compliance and control requirements.

Ready to see how we make storage systems run like a fine-tuned race car? Then buckle up and enjoy the view of your next-generation high-performance storage platform.



Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready for the Coming AI Wave?

The storage infrastructure, when an IT planner views it end-to-end, can take years to evolve. It is tempting to think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as some future technological workload. Still, the reality is that the use of AI will be standard across organizations of all sizes and industries. Dealing with AI workloads will be unlike anything that IT has ever dealt with in the past. AI workloads feature massive unstructured data sets, require incredibly high, semi-random performance, and decades of data durability.

AI promises to not only create entirely new industries, but it will also fundamentally change the way organizations large and small conduct business. IT planners need to start revising their storage infrastructure now to prepare the organization for the coming AI wave.

Download the free eBook now to learn about designing storage infrastructures for AI workloads.


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Make Research Progress Without Recovery Costs

A recent Hyperion study showed that almost 80% of companies experience multiple storage-related issues every year, with over 40% saying downtime happens at least monthly and takes more than two days to recover. The impacts to productivity and research progress can be a double blow. But HPC architecture can play a pivotal role in preventing and recovering from downtime.

Learn how to proactively address performance issues before they become failures, and to recover data nodes without downtime. Access our eBook to learn how the right HPC architecture can minimize maintenance and recovery.


The Commercial HPC Storage Checklist

Businesses of all types are increasingly finding themselves in midst of a high performance computing (HPC) environment. This commercial HPC environment though is different from traditional HPC environments found in academia. The demand for business to manage their own HPC environment became apparent over the past few years as organizations learned the value of mining their data to help make better decisions, develop better products and to even monetize their data assets.

It’s not uncommon for these commercial HPC customers to first attempt to use traditional business class storage systems designed for databases and virtual machines. They quickly find however that the sequential access of mass quantities of large and small files is beyond the capabilities of these systems. The commercial HPC customer then turns to traditional HPC architectures common in academia. The problem with traditional HPC architectures is they require a lot of time and assembly to implement and maintain.

Instead, Commercial HPC needs something different, a turnkey system that handles the unique Commercial HPC IO patterns while using storage resources optimally so costs stay in check.

In our latest eBook, Storage Switzerland and Panasas provide a checklist of what organizations should look for in an HPC storage system designed for the commercial market.


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