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The Green Computing Initiative
at Panasas

At Panasas, we are committed to help pave the way forward to a sustainable future. That’s why we design and build storage products and technology with a focus on green computing.

The green computing initiative was established during the re-architecture of the Panasas ActiveStor® solution with a design and production mandate centered on environmental consciousness. Our teams were charged with creating a high-performance storage system that carefully balanced functional requirements with sustainability efforts. Critical constraints included minimizing power usage (for example, CPU performance and memory quantity), selecting SATA over SAS as a drive interface, utilizing supercapacitors with NVDIMMs instead of batteries, and meeting power per TB requirements as a design parameter.

As we’ve moved to pass savings from economies of scale in the industry standard servers and components onto our customers, we’ve also joined with like-minded technology partners and suppliers that hold similar sustainability initiatives, such as Micron, Seagate, AgigA, and NVIDIA. Together, we pass on green savings that lead to lower TCOs and better environmental outcomes.

Today, the Panasas ActiveStor product portfolio uses Supermicro servers and its resource-saving architecture that meet the EU ErP Lot 9 regulations for optimized data center power, cooling, shared resources, and refresh cycles. Panasas and Supermicro continue to work together to reduce energy-related operational costs and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

With this initiative, we hope to inspire Panasas employees, suppliers, partners, and customers to keep making the changes that we all need to create a greener and more sustainable planet.

Ken Claffey, Chief Executive Officer at Panasas