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Climate Modeling

Climate Insight at Your Fingertips

Understand complex interrelationships between weather events and outcomes, perform climate simulations, and make rapid, accurate predictions. With the Panasas® ActiveStor® solution, you can accelerate analysis and reduce the time needed to share insights with key constituents.

Easily Revising Models

Ongoing changes in weather conditions and climate data mean that no model is ever final. Each new influx of data requires revised simulations and analyses so scientists and their agencies can share their most current, accurate insights.

Rapid, Efficient Simulations

To quickly deliver meaningful analyses and predictions, agencies need to crunch huge volumes of weather and climate data from various sources. ActiveStor offers high-performance storage that scales adaptably to meet data growth, providing the power to produce accurate simulations and complex analysis.

Accelerated Processing icon

HPC for Increased Processing power

Supports high-performance computing through superior mixed-workload handling

Adaptability to Accommodate Growth

Adapts by scaling up or out to keep pace with burgeoning volumes of weather- and climate-related data

Storage Simplicity

Delivers plug-and-play high performance so meteorologists and climatologists can run simulations quickly and efficiently

Faster Time to Insight

Facilitates simulation, testing, and refinement of forecast models, enabling timely dissemination of accurate weather-related information