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Magseis Fairfield

Using Panasas ActiveStor, the Norway-based company delivers precision seismic data services to clients around the world.

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Sim International

Company’s post-production division meets customer demands with Panasas ActiveStor Solution.

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Siemens PLM Software

Panasas ActiveStor system speeds modeling computation while minimizing downtown and drain on IT staff.

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Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Garvan Institute drives genomics revolution in medicine with a fiftyfold increase in genome sequencing capacity.

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Asylum Entertainment

Asylum Entertainment Boosts Productivity and Accelerates Creativity for Post-production with Panasas® ActiveStor®.

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Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel uses Panasas® ActiveStor® to Accelerate Media Production.

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University of Oxford

Oxford University Uses Panasas® ActiveStor® to Deliver High Performance Computing to Researchers.

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Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

RAL uses Panasas® ActiveStor® to Accelerate Global Climate Research.

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Utah State University

Utah State University Center for High Performance Computing Uses Panasas® ActiveStor®.

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TerraSpark Geosciences

Panasas® ActiveStor® Powers 3D Seismic Volume Interpretation.

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