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Financial Services

Faster, More Accurate Quantitative Analysis

The financial services industry collects and analyzes enormous sets of data using state-of-the-art computational tools and techniques involving mathematical and statistical modeling, machine learning, and big data analytics. This enables investment banks, brokerage firms, exchanges, and government finance agencies to deliver leading-edge financial models and strategies.

Investment and trading firms, and government agencies have deployed thousands of compute nodes and petabytes of storage in high-performance computing (HPC) data centers to meet increasing accuracy and reduced testing times requirements. Today, those resources are under strain as storage bottlenecks are exposed.

ActiveStor® Ultra with PanFS® is Panasas’ latest and most adaptable, total-performance HPC storage system and combines a distributed and clustered parallel file system, volume manager, and software-based erasure-coding data protection into an integrated appliance platform. It provides incredibly fast parallel and direct access from many clients to and from storage devices reducing testing times and allowing more accurate strategies.

Easing the Quantitative Analysis Strain with ActiveStor Ultra

Talented quantitative analysis teams demand fast, shared access to extensive and ever-growing storage for developing and testing new and updated strategies. Panasas ActiveStor Ultra solves the storage access bottleneck with a scalable, parallel, data storage system that provides excellent price-performance in a balanced architecture designed with financial services workloads in mind. With its modular architecture and building-block design, investment banks, trading firms, and exchanges, along with government finance agencies deploying ActiveStor Ultra can start small and scale linearly by adding metadata performance, or bandwidth and capacity.

Modeling & Analytics

The financial services industry creates significant value by developing risk management, algorithmic trading, compliance checks, pricing, and tax systems strategies through modeling and analytics. With an innovative scale-out parallel file system architecture, Panasas ActiveStor Ultra delivers extreme performance that automatically adapts to financial service workloads and enables comprehensive, optimal higher order modeling for increased accuracy and precision.


Financial services strategies are tested against historical data to determine how well they perform through a process called backtesting. Primarily conducted using the Monte Carlo Method, these simulations often involve hundreds of thousands of iterations. By utilizing the PanFS parallel file system, application clients have simultaneous and incredibly fast direct parallel access to storage nodes. This eliminates traditional bottlenecks, easing the strain on the storage and enabling faster backtesting.

Risk Analysis

One key area of focus in financial services is risk analysis and management. Accurate modeling, testing and analysis of risks are critical to executing successful financial strategies. In trading strategies, modeling can be complex thus improving risk analysis can benefit from comprehensive models and increased simulation testing. With Panasas ActiveStor Ultra alleviating storage bottlenecks, risk analysts can more accurately and readily estimate the risk impacts and potential losses.