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HPC China Conference 2019

August 23, 2019

Location: Inner Mongolia, China
Panasas will join fellow technologists, researchers, developers, computational scientists and industry affiliates to discuss recent developments and future advancements in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

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DiRAC Day 2019

September 12, 2019

Location: University of Leicester – Leicester, England
DiRAC Day brings together DiRAC researchers, decision makers and technical staff from across the UK to present the latest scientific results from DiRAC and discuss the future of the facility. There will be industry partners to present stands during the meeting in order to give you the opportunity to interact with the people directly involved in defining, procuring and using the various DiRAC HPC services.

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The Next I/O Platform

September 24, 2019

Location: The Glasshouse – San Jose, CA
This storage and networking confluence will be at the heart of The Next I/O Platform event in San Jose on September 24, 2019. This will be an interview-focused event with no PowerPoints permitted; just in-depth, live, on-stage interviews with those at the bleeding edge of storage and networks on both the technology creation and end user sides.

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November 18, 2019 - November 20, 2019

Location: Colorado Convention Center – Denver, CO
SC19 is the premier gathering for scientists, researchers, educators, department managers, lab directors, and decision makers from all corners of the HPC and networking industry. Booth #225

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