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It’s more than storage—it’s your craft

Easy Digital Asset Storage

For companies that compete in the highly competitive industry of media and entertainment, productivity and turnaround times for video postproduction, rendering, and broadcast can mean the difference between success and failure.

Technology, however, can get in the way. If it doesn’t scale well by putting limitations on image and file capacity and the number of users, production times slow down and customers become frustrated.

You need a storage solution that can easily scale and handle fast rendering times, 4K editing, and broadcast requirements for zero downtime, reboots, and data loss. The solution should also easily retrieve the ever-increasing number of archived files.

With Panasas® media asset management solutions, you can focus on creativity instead of technology:

  • Simplified workflows
  • Teams free to manage production, not infrastructure
  • Infrastructure growth without breaking your budget

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Applications for Digital Media

The fully integrated Panasas ActiveStor® Solution offers the powerful processing horsepower and rich storage resources you need to supercharge productivity and outflank competitors.

Going far beyond other network-attached storage (NAS) and storage-area network (SAN) offerings, the ActiveStor solution offers true linear scalability, ultrafast streaming performance, and management simplicity at a lower cost. The ActiveStor appliance sets the stage for fast, efficient delivery of digital content and supports digital-broadcast workflows.

Visual Effects Rendering

Ready to execute your projects in record time? The ActiveStor Solution with the Panasas DirectFlow® protocol support high-performance computing—rendering visual effects faster, predictably, and reliably, every time.

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Business-critical media workflows need reliable uptime and scalable growth. Broadcast companies use petabytes of ActiveStor Solution to maintain data availability and reduce complexity.

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Video Editing

The ActiveStor Solution offers plug-and-play scale-out NAS that easily integrates into postproduction workflows. Editors immediately notice the nonexistent lag time and instantaneous access to content.

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Active Archive

Administrators can scale capacity in just minutes. The performance-based DirectFlow solution powers asset movements in parallel. Its rock-solid reliability is ready for prime time.


Media Transcode

To convert media from camera-native to master to various delivery formats, the ActiveStor solution with DirectFlow parallel I/O (input/output) distributes workloads, creating high-quality conversions faster and more reliably.


Content Delivery

Recognizing the shift to a direct-media experience via the Internet, the ActiveStor Solution offers the functionality to support live ingest activities and content library catalogs.


Customers Driven by Performance

Companies want their data to be accessible, secure, and easy to manage. Our customers accomplish this and more with the ActiveStor Solution: the conduct advanced genomic research using the latest sequencing technology, render visual effects for animated films, design advanced aircraft with complex computer-aided engineering and finite element analysis models, and optimize the extraction of oil-and-gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis.

"With Panasas ActiveStor … I can have a virtually unlimited number of users editing off a single global namespace, all with a single login. You cannot imagine how much this has helped manageability."

Allen Dial
Senior Vice President of Production, Asylum Entertainment
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