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Media and Entertainment

Storage that brings your artistic vision to life

Future Ready Storage Across Your Content Value Chain

Rapid post-production deadlines, huge rendering demands, and always-on broadcast – combined with ever-growing data volumes, new media formats and denser images – are putting more pressure on your creative teams and the technology they rely on.

You need storage solutions that increase workflow efficiency and speed, while freeing your artists to do what they do best.

That’s Panasas. We deliver high-performance, massively reliable, set-it-and-forget-it storage so you can unleash maximum creativity across the content value chain.

Solutions for Content Creation to Delivery

From production through content delivery, Panasas® ActiveStor® provides the power and flexibility media and entertainment companies need to supercharge productivity and creativity. ActiveStor sets the stage for fast, efficient workflow processing of media content in support of modern broadcast, movie and digital-app experiences.

Drive Performance and Innovation

Leading media and entertainment companies rely on Panasas to deliver scalable, flexible, high-performance storage that’s easy to use – so they can focus on their creative ideas. But Panasas didn’t stop there. From advanced genomic research and gene sequencing to designing advanced aircraft with computer-aided engineering, Panasas helps any company be future ready.