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Delivering Data Movement at Scale


High performance computing (HPC) environments tend to be large and quite complex. The quantity of data and the access performance required to keep all those computers busy demand storage solutions that offer the highest reliability, scalability, and performance. Organizations need tools that provide fast, easy data movement and management at scale. The PanMove™ solutions, part of the Panasas PanFS® software suite, bring the right balance of simplicity and functionality to solve your data mobility challenges. 

Your Data, in the Datacenter and in the Cloud


Driven by the increasing convergence of traditional HPC workloads with high performance data analytics (HPDA) and AI/ML workloads, datasets continue to grow, and data management has also increased in sophistication. Fast, secure, and reliable data movement between on-prem ActiveStor® storage bladesets and the cloud requires innovative and advanced mobility solutions like PanMove.  

PanMove™ Advanced

Seamlessly copy, move, and sync data between Panasas ActiveStor bladesets, and between Panasas storage and AWS, Azure and Google Cloud object storage. Reduce data movement time and complexity. PanMove Advanced is based on Atempo Miria’s scalable and high-performance parallel technology.

PanMove™ Sync

The proven Panasas SiteSync software is now part of the PanMove family as PanMove Sync for a scalable and robust client-side parallel data replication solution across a LAN – effectively a state-of-the-art parallel version of rsync.