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Surprising Simplicity

Surprising Simplicity


PanFS® on ActiveStor® offers frustration-free deployment, operation, and maintenance. You can get from dock-to-data in less than a day, and the low-touch solution requires no deep technical skills for ongoing administration. A single IT administrator can support systems of any size.

Set-It-and-Forget-It Automation


The Panasas® solution takes care of itself. The turnkey appliance streamlines installation. Normal maintenance operations do not require manual intervention. Recovery actions are initiated, monitored, and executed by the intelligent PanFS software automatically.

No Tuning or Retuning Required


Unlike other high-performance computing storage solutions, the Panasas appliance doesn’t require tuning or retuning to maintain peak performance. Automated tasks reduce the time spent managing storage, helping you decrease costs and free up resources to tackle important business challenges.