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Life Sciences

Storage that accelerates your research

Faster Time-to-Insights

Innovations in genomics, CryoEM, drug discovery, bioinformatics, personalized medicine, and other life sciences disciplines depend on the ability to rapidly store, analyze, and retrieve unprecedented volumes of information. Legacy storage systems just aren’t fast, scalable or adaptable enough to meet the challenging requirements of modern life sciences applications.

The Panasas ActiveStor Ultra HPC turn-key appliance deploys the PanFS parallel file system with Dynamic Data Acceleration to deliver consistent high performance in a fully integrated storage system that automatically adapts to changing and evolving small file and mixed workloads – all at the lowest total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and without the need for tuning or manual intervention.

The explosion in genomic and structural information, especially from next-generation sequencing and CryoEM, coupled with the emergence of data-intensive molecular diagnostics techniques demand a high-performance storage infrastructure that keeps up with the pace of change. Don’t let your storage infrastructure slow scientific progress. Maximize your research success with ActiveStor Ultra.

“This area of research is very data-intensive, and partnering with Panasas represents a big step for us in realizing our vision in this sector.”

Dr. Antoine van Oijen
Executive Director at Molecular Horizons, University of Wollongong

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Foundation for Life Sciences Applications

One IT administrator can easily manage petabytes of ActiveStor storage, freeing up their time to support Researchers with their efforts. Panasas storage provides the foundation to increase research productivity and enable groundbreaking scientific insights.


CryoEM data generation and applications are demanding on file systems. The Panasas ActiveStor solution enables the reliability and scalability required handle the needs of modern microscopes and applications like RELION. Our customers, like The University of Wollongong, have consolidated disparate storage systems onto Panasas. Read Customer Success.


Panasas is unique in that it provides the performance and scalability that only a parallel file system can provide for genomic analysis – but with the simplicity, reliability and mission critical support associated with enterprise scale-out NAS.


Computing calculations for computational chemistry often take days, weeks, or even months. The ActiveStor solution is reliable enough to handle the long-term computing needs of researchers.

Driving Performance and Innovation

Companies want their data to be accessible, secure, and easy to manage. Our customers accomplish this and more with the ActiveStor solution: they conduct genomic research using the latest sequencing technology, render visual effects for animated films, design advanced aircraft with complex computer-aided engineering and finite element analysis models, and optimize the extraction of oil-and-gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis.