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Financial Modeling

Better Economic Policies

With the Panasas® ActiveStor® solution, you can model regional financial conditions and design effective monetary policy at a global, regional, and local scale. It supports highly accurate simulations, analysis, and modeling to help you develop optimum economic strategies.

financial analysis

Complex Interdependencies

Understanding the impact of financial policy changes on the economy requires insight into various factors, including interest rates, agricultural production, personal spending, and government budgets. Yet modeling these forces has been a time-consuming, error-prone process.

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Highly Accurate Simulations

Details are everything for financial modeling. ActiveStor offers the power and performance needed to process huge data volumes and simulate multiple complex variables, so you can anticipate outcomes and take the right economic approach.

HPC for Complex Simulations

Supports high-performance computing through superior mixed-workload handling

Flexible System Growth

Adapts by scaling up or out to handle very large data sets

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Financial Insight

Delivers plug-and-play high performance so analysts can accurately simulate economic conditions and predict likely outcomes

Agencies that monitor, model, and analyze climate and weather changes rely on high performance storage solution to run simulations faster, even with growing data volumes.

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