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Product Briefs

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The data engine for all your applications: The PanFS architecture makes more possible

Focus on innovation with an intelligent storage solution designed for HPC and AI/ML

The Challenge
If you’re a product developer, academic researcher, materials scientist, or any other kind of knowledge worker, you want to focus on innovation without being held back by your data. Despite the problem-solving potential of high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), processing data at the speed and volume that innovation requires is often difficult.


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PanFS software on the ActiveStor® storage systems leverage 20 years of experience in the most demanding data performance environments to deliver a powerful combination of high performance, management simplicity, workload-and-configuration flexibility, rock-solid reliability, at the TCO.


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PanMove Advanced

High-Performance Data Movement Software for PanFS On-prem, Cloud, and S3
Seamlessly copy, move, and sync data on-demand between Panasas ActiveStor bladesets even in remote datacenters, between Panasas storage and AWS, Azure and Google Cloud object storage, and between Panasas storage and any S3 object store.


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PanMove Backup

High-Performance Backup and Data Movement Software for Large Data Volumes
Protect file storage from damage, loss, and ransomware with PanMove Backup and its minimized backup windows and retrieval.


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PanMove Archive

High-Performance Archiving Software for Large Data Volumes
A dedicated software solution for automatically archiving digital information on any file or object storage server, PanMove Archive is secures data for any period of time in a centrally-managed.


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PanView Analytics

High-Performance Data Insight Software for PanFS
Extensive analytical information based on powerful scan and search capabilities of Atempo Miria technology provides comprehensive dashboards for clear usage information for PanFS-based ActiveStor storage appliances.


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