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Providing Data Insights Through Discovery and Analysis

As storage systems continue to grow in both capacity and number of assets stored, understanding space consumption and asset availability remain critical challenges. Data generation rates continue to skyrocket, making the problem a greater challenge each day.

Panasas PanView™ solutions help organizations to reduce storage waste costs. Users can manage their data so that they can find the right assets at the right time.


Data Insights

Gain an understanding of your storage metadata visibility into file date, size, type, etc. Identify silos, users, and data growth.

Take Action

Identify cold data for movement to lower cost destinations. Break down silos and consolidate storage. Control costs and plan for the future.

view reports

View Reports

A single intuitive dashboard provides visibility into all Panasas systems, including archive destinations. Data lifecycles are represented, and customized reports are available.


Enabling Intelligent Data Management Choices

By providing clear visibility into Panasas ActiveStor® storage, extensive analytical information gives system administrators the insights they need to make informed data placement and management choices. Comprehensive visualization reports bring data into focus for smarter usage decisions.


PanView Analytics 

Extensive analytical information based on powerful scan and search capabilities of Atempo Miria technology provides comprehensive dashboards for clear usage information for PanFS-based ActiveStor storage appliances. 

PanView CLI 

Native Panasas software PanView Scan technology supports storage profiling, forecasting, and storage management recommendations. 

PanMove™ is the Panasas data movement and data protection software family that provides efficient mobility at scale between PanFS® storage instances in the data center and cloud destinations.


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