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Linear Scalability

Linear Scalability for Growth

Growing data needs storage that is able to quickly and cost-effectively expand with it. True linear scalability should deliver low total cost of ownership (TCO) at scale, without increasing management effort. The Panasas® ActiveStor® Solution provides single-system maximum performance that drives faster time to results and accelerates workflows, helping you unlock innovation and discovery so your business becomes more competitive and profitable.

Single Point of Management

To ensure efficient, high-level linear performance and scalability, the ActiveStor Solution uses the Panasas PanFS® storage operating system. The PanFS solution provides a single point of management across all systems and data:

  • Scalable out-of-band, distributed metadata processing
  • Efficient scaling for multiple protocols (Panasas DirectFlow®, Network File System, and Common Internet File System)
  • Scalable RAID performance that increases as you add client nodes
  • Network resources and bandwidth that scale with the system
  • Capacity that seamlessly scales to 45PB in a single namespace
  • Share-nothing storage architecture that eliminates performance-robbing communication between storage nodes
  • Scaling of concurrent users without performance degradation


Exceptional Performance, Manageability, and Reliability

You need to process large, rapidly growing quantities of data. Scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) promises a large, single global namespace with efficient performance and scalability to accelerate workflows and reduce time to results. However, doing this efficiently at large scale is challenging. That’s why you turn to Panasas.

Sure, a single legacy NAS product can double performance by adding another clustered head. But what happens when you need 20 times the performance from 20 NAS heads? That’s when legacy NAS architectures hit the scalability “brick wall.”

The ActiveStor Solution achieves linear scalability in real-world deployments with more than 100 ActiveStor shelves and up to 45PB of capacity in a single namespace. Panasas customers around the globe have chosen the ActiveStor Solution not only for exceptional performance, manageability, and reliability but also for the linear scalability that enables them to achieve compelling price and performance at scale.

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