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Energy, Oil and Gas

Storage that energizes our future

Discovering Resources Faster


Oil-and-gas enterprises succeed or fail largely based on their ability to quickly and accurately locate natural resources. Evaluation teams rely on powerful seismic imaging software for insights about where and when to drill. Managing and analyzing the massive volumes of data associated with these applications requires a high-performance technology infrastructure, including a sophisticated storage system.

With the Panasas® ActiveStor® Solution, oil-and-gas companies can accelerate data analysis in a more comprehensive manner. Whether for seismic processing and imaging, visualization and interpretation, or reservoir simulation and modeling, the ActiveStor solution integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. Capacity and performance scales to streamline manageability.

Energize your scientists and technicians with the ultrafast streaming performance, true linear scalability, and enterprise-grade reliability of the ActiveStor storage appliance.


Optimizing Data-Rich
Oil-and-Gas Applications


The ActiveStor solution is the storage of choice for a rapidly increasing number of energy firms.

Achieve performance improvements in four-dimensional seismic processing and imaging, visualization and interpretation, and reservoir simulation and modeling.

Scale capacity and performance quickly and easily as requirements change.

Seismic Processing

Seismic analysis involves acquiring, generating, and recording massive data volumes. The ActiveStor solution processes huge data volumes so users can suppress noise, enhance signals, and better understand seismic events.



Energy companies need to visualize reservoirs to analyze extraction or drilling alternatives. The ActiveStor solution supports process modeling and simulation for better forecasting.



Analysis of seismic data generates models and predictions about subsurface properties and structures. Using the ActiveStor solution, analysts can make better use of data, improving their competitive advantage.


“Even when we bring on additional data, Panasas still performs exactly as we would expect. We can count on the solution to handle everything we can throw at it. That helps us meet our deadlines and ensure that clients get the information they need.”

Janie Garcia
Manager of Onboard Processing at Magseis Fairfield

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"Many claims of storage vendors sounded pretty good until we dug into them a little bit. We eliminated many options pretty quickly. But with Panasas ActiveStor, the more we drilled down, the more we liked."

Steve Dominguez
TerraSpark Geosciences

Drive Performance and Innovation

Energy companies use Panasas solution to optimize the extraction of oil-and-gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis, visualization and interpretation, and reservoir simulation and modeling to discover resources faster.