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Storage that fuels innovative energy solutions.

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The Data Engine for Energy Innovation

As the global demand for energy grows, so does the need to reach net-zero. In the race to innovative solutions, energy leaders use high-performance computing (HPC) augmented by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to speed discovery and production. These organizations need a reliable, cost effective-data storage foundation to power their AI/ML and HPC energy applications, whether they’re analyzing and harnessing renewables, optimizing the acquisition and life cycle of nonrenewable resources, or capturing and removing greenhouse gas emissions.

Panasas® ActiveStor® solutions running the PanFS® operating system provide high-throughput data access to spur faster and more accurate simulations and accelerate ML training. For over two decades, we’ve provided energy customers with reliable, scalable, and high-performance storage solutions to streamline HPC energy applications and energy data management and to help meet climate goals and regulatory mandates.

Discover Resources Faster and Reduce Storage Costs


Energy companies succeed or fail largely based on their ability to quickly and accurately locate resources. For nonrenewable resources discovery such as oil and gas, evaluation teams deploy powerful seismic imaging software for insights about where and when to drill. Managing and analyzing the massive volumes of data associated with these applications requires a high-performance infrastructure, including a sophisticated storage system.

Energy companies can accelerate data analysis by using simulations and AI/ML to augment their models, especially with ML-accelerated computational fluid dynamics (CFD). For these mixed workload and workflow applications, hybrid storage platforms like the ActiveStor® Ultra and ActiveStor® Ultra XL offer significant performance benefits and cost efficiency.

Whether for seismic image processing, reservoir simulation and modeling, wind farm simulation, or 3D visualization and interpretation, Panasas ActiveStor solutions running the PanFS software suite integrate seamlessly into existing HPC infrastructures to reduce the time and cost of energy exploration, research, and production. Panasas PanMove™ software provides fast, secure, and reliable data movement and data protection, and Panasas PanView™ software enables more intelligent data management decisions.


Accelerate Your Sustainability Initiatives

Panasas ActiveStor storage solutions are the ideal storage to help energy companies pioneer new research and product offerings with accelerated simulations on their path to net-zero carbon.

Companies can understand the full life cycle impact by using sustainable energy simulations and accelerate their findings using ActiveStor storage solutions.

Seismic Processing

Seismic analysis involves acquiring, generating, and recording massive data volumes. The ActiveStor solution processes huge data volumes so users can suppress noise, enhance signals, and better understand seismic events.


Energy companies need to visualize reservoirs to analyze extraction or drilling alternatives. The ActiveStor solution supports process modeling and simulation for better forecasting.


Energy companies are using high-performance simulations for carbon capture and removal modeling, and hydrogen solution and wind turbine design validation. The ActiveStor solutions help accelerate the path to net-zero carbon.

“Unlike most high-end storage products, the Panasas storage system is very easy to install, manage, and upgrade. It has been extremely stable and is the only high-performance plug-and- play solution that met our diverse needs.”

Richard McNally
Manager, PGS Global Computer Resources

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“Even when we bring on additional data, Panasas still performs exactly as we would expect. We can count on the solution to handle everything we can throw at it. That helps us meet our deadlines and ensure that clients get the information they need.”

Janie Garcia
Manager of Onboard Processing at Magseis Fairfield

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"Many claims of storage vendors sounded pretty good until we dug into them a little bit. We eliminated many options pretty quickly. But with Panasas ActiveStor, the more we drilled down, the more we liked."

Steve Dominguez
TerraSpark Geosciences

"Whether we’re working in the office or on ships at sea, we nee d to have robust, consistent equipment that cr ews can use intuitively. We know we can count on Panasas to provide a r eliable, adaptable, and easy-to-use storage solution.”

Janie Garcia
Manager of Onboard Processing at Magseis Fairfield

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