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DirectFlow Client Software

Panasas DirectFlow Protocol for Fast Parallel I/O

The Panasas® DirectFlow® proprietary protocol runs inside each compute client and establishes a parallel input/output (I/O) relationship from the client to the Panasas PanFS® storage operating environment for file read/write.

This structure creates higher performance than industry-standard protocols such as Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB), avoiding the load-balancing and congestion side effects of these protocols when addressing clustered file systems.

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DirectFlow for Linux


Panasas DirectFlow for Linux provides unmatched performance for Linux clusters of all sizes. It is ideal for the high-performance Linux clusters deployed in nearly 500 technical computing environments such as manufacturing, life sciences, media and entertainment, education, government, energy, and the public sector.

In a large variety of Linux-based computing environments, the DirectFlow protocol delivers more than 10 times the performance increases over workloads using traditional I/O protocols.