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Panasas Announces Ken Claffey as CEO

Welcome Ken Claffey, our new CEO, to Panasas! We're gearing up for an exciting journey ahead.

Imaging data getting out of control?

Panasas solutions accelerate analysis, improve insights, and eliminate complexity. Get a free consultation from our Director of Life Science Solutions now.


Welcome to the edge of innovation

The new ActiveStor Ultra Edge platform is here, and it’s a game changer for edge HPC and AI/ML applications. Panasas now lets you run any workload, any time, anywhere – from on-prem, to the cloud, to the edge.

Unlock Data Insights and Movement at Scale

Enhanced data visibility and mobility solutions join the PanFS suite.

5 Reasons You Need to Prioritize HPC Reliability

There’s a misconception in the HPC storage space that you need to compromise reliability and simplicity for optimized performance. Spoiler alert: you don’t.
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Your Modern HPC Storage Quick Guide

Here are the key components of modern HPC and its transformative impact on your storage infrastructure.
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Edge in Action: Life Sciences Solution Brief

With ActiveStor Ultra Edge, researchers can now support their instruments and workflows with an entry-sized platform running the Panasas PanFS® data engine.
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5 Reasons Why: PanFS vs. Lustre

Not all parallel file systems are created equal. Here are the top 5 reasons why the PanFS data engine tops Lustre.
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Ask an Expert: What Is Modern HPC?

Jeff Whitaker, Panasas VP of Product Strategy & Marketing, gives you the full run-down on the evolution of HPC.
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Data Solutions for Microscopy Workflows

Are data storage and management challenges slowing down your microscopy workflows? We have your solution
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Discover the Data Engine for Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations need healthy data ecosystems that let them extract maximum value from their data.
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University of Wollongong Customer Success

Panasas partners with University of Wollongong's Molecular Horizons Institute to power cryo-EM research.
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Why Panasas?

Rome wasn’t built in a day – but your storage infrastructure can be. Panasas takes you from dock to data in 24 hours.
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The Data Engine for All Your Applications

Accelerate time to insights, eliminate data silos, and reduce costs when you consolidate your storage infrastructure with the intelligent PanFS® data engine. Choose from all-flash, massive-capacity, and hybrid ActiveStor® systems for a scalable, workload-optimized architecture that adapts to all your applications, from modeling and simulation to artificial intelligence and machine learning. 


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Zero Compromises for Infinite Possibilities

Get the speed, scalability, and insights that your data environments demand without the associated cost and complexity. Panasas solutions are so easy to deploy, operate, and maintain that a single IT admin with no specialized expertise can oversee a PanFS environment of any size. Experience the high-performance storage solution that has unparalleled reliability and simple manageability hardwired into its design DNA.


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What Our Customers Say

“When we engaged with Panasas, we had recently tripled our employee count in a single month, while simultaneously finalizing the build-out of our new facility and network infrastructure, all while working on a 700-shot feature film project. Panasas not only delivered the scalable performance that we required during this critical period, but also delivered an exceptionally high level of support and expertise."

Jonathan Harb

CEO and Owner, Whiskytree

"This area of research is very data- intensive, and partnering with Panasas represents a big step for us in realizing our vision in this sector.”

Dr. Antoine van Oijen

Executive Director at Molecular Horizons, University of Wollongong

"Even when we bring on additional data, Panasas still performs exactly as we would expect. We can count on the solution to handle everything we can throw at it. That helps us meet our deadlines and ensure that clients get the information they need."

Janie Garcia

Manager of Onboard Processing, Magseis Fairfield

"We turned on Panasas and the bottlenecks went away. You just set it and forget it."

Steven Feldman

Senior Vice President for IT
(Siemens, formerly known as CD-adapco)

"Panasas lives up to its promise of terrific performance with negligible maintenance and administration time.”

Dr. Warren Kaplan

Chief of Informatics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

“Panasas storage has virtually managed itself. Even during the period when we didn’t have anyone dedicated full-time to administer the center we didn’t have any problems or complaints about the storage. Our users are happy with the performance which allows them to do more with their big data workloads and get results faster.”

Dr. Eric Held

Chair, HPC at USU Faculty Steering Committee

“The older storage systems we had before were always crashing. We’ve been very pleased with the performance and reliability of Panasas storage.”

Dr. Jiming Jin

Assistant Professor, Natural Resources Department

“The Panasas parallel file system remains resilient even at scale, and the direct and parallel access to the storage pool means that we can work on our most complex simulations, unaffected by the system bottlenecks of our previous equipment. The Panasas solution gives us powerful HPC capabilities to help leverage our massive datasets to advance essential scientific discovery.”

Dr. Bryan Lawrence

University of Reading & NCAS

“Panasas technology supports the mission of the Center because it never limits our exploration.”

Yoshiki Vázquez-Baeza

Associate Director of Bioinformatics Integration
University of California San Diego | Center for Microbiome Innovation

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