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ActiveStor Director

Better Brain Power   

To effectively run high-performance computing applications—the kind that can change the world—you need a powerful brain behind your storage system. The Panasas Activestor Director:

  • Orchestrates file system activity outside of the data path, allowing reads/writes to occur in parallel directly between compute clients and Panasas storage nodes.
  • Speeds data transfers but also facilitates scalability.
  • Virtualizes data objects across all available storage nodes, enabling the system to be viewed as a single, easily managed global namespace.
  • Configures the ratio of storage to director nodes to meet the demands of each specific application environment.


Efficient. Protected. Compatible.

Linear Scalability icon

Scalable Metadata Capability

Each ActiveStor Director provides metadata access and cache coherency to a portion of the global namespace. As the size of the global namespace increases, the ability to distribute the namespace across multiple directors improves metadata performance.

Efficient and High Performance Data Access

ActiveStor Director provides efficient and high performance access to the user data via NFS/SMB protocols.

04_data-protection icon

Data Protection

Ability to configure multiple director nodes provides for increased reconstruction performance that narrows the window of vulnerability. ActiveStor Director delivers exceptional replication performance with low touch management.

Panasas activestor director

Supercharging Storage

ActiveStor Director is delivered in two hardware form factors. Our traditional ActiveStor Director and our new ActiveStor Director liberate the brains of our system to be even smarter and faster. With the new ActiveStor Director (a fully flexible software platform that doesn’t lock you in) you can:

  • Take advantage of the latest industry-standard hardware
  • Quickly advance your work by lighting up more data faster due to significantly improved metadata performance.
  • Use your existing Panasas solutions since it’s backward and forward-compatible with the ActiveStor product portfolio.
  • Be flexible and cost-effective by picking from the broadest range of hardware configuration options we’ve ever offered.

Now you have the freedom to configure your storage system to your unique workflows–now and in the future.