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PanFS: PhD in Lustre Not Required

When building the infrastructure for your high performance computing (HPC) applications, you’ll often need a parallel file environment to achieve the necessary data and application performance at scale. And when it comes to parallel storage, all too often we think Lustre.

But while its tunability and performance can certainly meet many scale needs, Lustre comes with significant management and reliability challenges. Consider this:

  • Can you only support one type of HPC workload with a given Lustre storage configuration?
  • How many expert IT hours are required to tune and manage Lustre storage?
  • How often are you dealing with unplanned downtime and system failures?
  • Did you know there’s a better way?

In this webinar, we’ll share five reasons why Panasas storage, based on the PanFS software suite, lets you sleep easier at night.  From a simple to use, automated storage platform to patented, single file RAID protection, PanFS delivers storage peace of mind for all of your HPC applications.

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