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Are You Future-Ready? Panasas Can Get You There

Bill O'Leary | May 4, 2018

Talking about storage doesn’t get most hearts racing. And, until you encounter Panasas, that makes sense. At Panasas, we think of ourselves as more than storage – and after 17 years of revolutionizing how our customers innovate, design, research, race, and travel (you name it!) they think of us as more than storage too.

This blog series is our way of sharing our biggest ideas at Panasas. After all, one thing we’ve learned is that big ideas won’t take flight if your data storage can’t keep up. That’s why Panasas is uniquely and singularly focused on the performance of your storage solution.

We’ve designed our ActiveStor solution to be future-ready. What does that mean?

  • It’s flexible – ActiveStor is marked with unmatched flexibility, letting you configure exactly what you need today while also being quickly able to adapt to your storage needs of tomorrow. Our modular architecture supercharges storage capabilities by adopting the latest most powerful industry-standard hardware. It’s easy to add more performance, more capacity, and more scalability across all storage dimensions. We call it scaling-up, and scaling-out.
  • It’s unmatched in performance – That’s what you get when you can seamlessly scale performance and capacity independently, and take advantage of the latest in industry innovations. And, we are always getting better. Our new modular architecture supercharges storage capabilities by adopting the latest most powerful industry-standard hardware to produce a uniquely engineered solution that’s completely future-ready (like you).
  • It’s reliable – We want to help you unleash your biggest ideas, your wildest visions – but that’s hard to do when storage is down. At Panasas, we think that storage reliability means you should be able to set it and forget it. And, our reliability increases with scale. We’ve created the most agile storage on the market, while delivering the enterprise-grade reliability of commercial storage.
  • It’s plug-and-play – our ActiveStor solution is delivers unparalleled ease of manageability. We think your time is better spent on more important things than worrying about your storage. That’s why ActiveStor is easy to deploy, easier to manage, and scales the easiest of all. And, you get that ease of management without compromising your potential to tap into the power of unstructured data.

All of this combines to deliver not only the most lowest administrative cost – combined with an optimal, pay-as- you-grow price – but future-ready technology that lets you move beyond storage, to focus on what matters most.


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