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Fastest HPC Parallel File System
at any Price-Point Hits the Market

PanFS® on ActiveStor® Ultra is Shipping Now!

Limited Time Special Offer: 1PB, 16GB/s, $150k PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra

Built for price/performance and engineered for manageability, the new generation of the PanFS parallel file system, delivered on the Panasas ActiveStor Ultra appliance, is now shipping and ready to take on your most challenging HPC projects.

Isn’t it time you start taking advantage of the industry’s leading price/performance in a storage appliance that maximizes simplicity, boosts reliability, and delivers the lowest total cost of ownership?

The ActiveStor Ultra high-performance storage solution is now available for a special introductory offer of 1PB, 16GB/s for $150K*. Contact Panasas sales today to inquire about system configurations tailored to meet your unique workload requirements and start experiencing the advantages of PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra.

  • Unlimited Performance Scaling: 4 GB/s building blocks, utilizing multi-tier intelligent data placement to maximize storage performance by placing metadata on low-latency NVMe SSDs, small files on high IOPS SSDs and large files on high-bandwidth HDDs. The system’s balanced node architecture optimizes networking, CPU, memory and storage capacity to prevent hot spots and bottlenecks, ensuring consistently high performance regardless of workload.
  • Low Cost to Own and Operate: The new generation of PanFS is integrated with state-of-the-art COTS hardware to deliver the fastest parallel file system at any price point. Its frustration-free deployment, operation, and maintenance create a storage solution with the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.
  • Surprising Simplicity: Ready for frustration-free deployment, operation, and maintenance? You can go from dock-to-data in less than a day, and the low-touch solution requires no deep technical skills for ongoing administration. A single IT administrator can support systems of any size.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Fully automated online failure recovery delivers exceptional reliability.
  • Extreme Flexibility: The new generation of PanFS is a portable parallel file system ready to run on qualified commodity or OEM-certified storage hardware, allowing for rapid adoption of new hardware capabilities and an expanded portfolio of hardware options over time.
  • Timely, High-Quality Support: At Panasas, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with a single-vendor problem resolution approach – ready to give you our undivided attention the moment you need it.

Want to learn more?
Contact us at or at 1-888-PANASAS (726-2727) for a free consultation.

*Offer conditions: First PB per customer, orders by 12/31/19, new customers only.

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