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Panasas ActiveStor Solution:
Architectural White Paper

Enterprises that are working on some of the world’s most innovative and complex high-performance computing (HPC) projects need to deliver insights and products fast. They need to improve their time to results and can’t afford to wait as their storage systems try to keep up with intensive computational processing and time-sensitive data delivery.

We’ve architected the Panasas® ActiveStor® solution for simplicity and limitless performance. We’ve innovated our solution, based on 20 years of file system experience, to take advantage of the latest advances, including porting to Linux, offering a wider range of networking speed options, and leveraging the latest industry-standard hardware technologies.

With our fast and simple solution, you can forget about storage and focus on what really matters: building the next Dreamliner, winning a Formula One race, creating mind-bending visual effects, curing disease, or modeling climate change.

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