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Data Reliability: HPC’s Dark Horse

In the dynamic landscape of HPC, one crucial aspect often remains in the shadows: data reliability. Why is it that discussions on enterprise infrastructure frequently revolve around the pillars of reliability, availability, and scalability (RAS), while the HPC domain tends to fixate solely on scalability? Isn’t reliability equally important? What about availability? At Panasas, we know that they are.

In this webinar, we will spotlight the often-overlooked facets of data reliability and availability within HPC environments. Even if just for scratch, the repercussions of data loss or downtime significantly impact your time to results. You’ll learn how prioritizing uptime availability and fortifying data resilience metrics when building your infrastructure makes all the difference.

Panasas has built a foundation of unparalleled reliability, where data becomes more dependable as your HPC environment scales. Our innovative solutions, including software erasure coding, extended file attribute management, and cluster-wide rebuilds, set Panasas apart as the go-to parallel file system for ensuring exceptional reliability for your HPC data.



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Jeff Whitaker

VP, Product Strategy

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