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ActiveStor Prime

Superior Performance, Manageability, and Reliability

ActiveStor Prime combines high-density flash drives and high-capacity helium-based hard drives for superior unstructured sequential-file and mixed-workload performance with rapid access to large and small files alike.

Every enclosure accommodates 11 blades. Optimized for unique workflows, the solution’s configuration options range from 11 storage blades to 3 director nodes and 8 storage nodes. Director nodes orchestrate file system activity, and storage blades store all file system data and handle 100 percent of data traffic.

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Easy to Manage. Always Reliable.

Panasas ActiveStor Prime is easy to manage, always reliable, and delivers powerful speed and performance – exactly what your storage workflows demand. Finally, storage you can rely on to unleash innovation with complete confidence.

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Powerful Performance

ActiveStor Prime delivers powerful performance–even on mixed workloads and offers linear scalability for performance and capacity.


Simple Management

With ActiveStor Prime, you don’t have to trade power for ease of use. It’s easy to deploy and simple to scale. And, it offers the lowest admin touch anywhere.


Renowned Reliability

ActiveStor Prime offers reliability that increases with scale. And, with automatic recovery if failures do occur—and with no single point of failure—you’ll have confidence to do your best work

Technical Specifications

Capacity 93 or 285TB
HDD capacity 88 or 264TB
SSD capacity 5.3 or 21TB
Drive configuration 22 x 3.5” enterprise SATA + 11 x 2.5” SSD
ECC memory (GB of cache)1 176GB
Ethernet connectivity Two switch modules per shelf; uplinks per shelf:
2 x 10GbE SFP/CX4 supporting high-availability link
aggregation with network failover support
InfiniBand router capability Yes
Global Namespace
Suitability Mixed workloads: small and large file throughput, IOPS
performance, lowest cost per TB
Maximum system capacity2 57PB
Maximum system throughput2 360GB/s
Maximum system IOPS, 4KB file, random read2 >2,600,000 IOPS

1 Per-shelf based on a 0+11 blade configuration
2 No enforced limits. Maximum tested configuration: 200 shelves