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Video Editing Post-Production

Storage for Editing Speed and Simplicity

With larger creative teams, more projects, and increasingly complex edit timelines, the world of video post-production only gets more demanding – on your people and technology. You need storage that accelerates editing tasks and lets you meet aggressive schedules, while coordinating workflows of all production artists, including editors, audio technicians, and colorists.

Servicing Customers On-Demand

Too often, editing teams resign themselves to living with highly disruptive, labor-intensive, and
costly storage solutions. Sluggish, unresponsive tools fail to support complex post-production activities and prevent editors and production artists from working efficiently.

Unleash Your Biggest Ideas

Panasas understands the demands of today’s post-production editing schedules and workflows. The ActiveStor solution helps you accelerate editorial speed to simplify workflows while gaining confidence that your storage can keep pace with your biggest media demands.

Edit With Speed

Today’s tools and timelines demand that you work fast – and at the optimum resolution. Panasas ActiveStor supports HD and 4K editing and delivers unmatched application responsiveness that won’t slow you down. Your editor’s tools will feel snappy, enabling the creative process to flow more smoothly.

Focus on Editing, Not Infrastructure

Our set-it-and-forget-it technology lets post-production teams focus on their creative output, not storage. The ActiveStor solution is simple and intuitive to manage – allowing administrators with even basic technical skills to get the job done.

Count on Data Reliability

You can’t afford to lose projects and media or miss deadlines. Panasas is designed from the ground-up to deliver unparalleled reliability that increases with scale. The solution offers a high-performance parallel file system that massively aggregates performance and includes triple-parity RAID 6+ data-protection technology.

Scale On-Demand

We know that you need to scale content and media storage fast as you take on more projects. That’s why Panasas enables scale on demand with add-as-you-go storage, while also avoiding post-production disruption during the expansion.


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