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Fastest Parallel File System Anywhere

The Panasas® ActiveStor® high-performance computing (HPC) storage solution is the fastest in the market, so you get more performance per budget dollar. You’ll achieve faster time to results without sacrificing product quality.

Storage should never hold you back. Based on 20 years of Panasas file system innovation, the ActiveStor solution is architected for limitless performance. Panasas uses balanced design—powerfully applying disk, flash, RAM cache, and network speed—to optimize overall system performance. Panasas PanFS® parallel file system software—pretuned so you can set it and forget it—matches underlying hardware so performance is always maximized.

High Performance Regardless of Complexity

As workloads change and the volume of data, applications, and users expands, you can trust the ActiveStor solution to perform consistently and meet your expectations. And you don’t have to rethink or retune the system as complexity increases.

The Panasas ActiveStor solution delivers massive parallelism. You can access small and large files regardless of the number of users. With sophisticated metadata management, even increasing complexity won’t slow it down.

And the PanFS parallel file system doesn’t require manual intervention to tune for changes in workloads, applications, data, and users. That means you can set it and forget it.

Linear Scalability Without Limitation

With the ability to quickly scale in increments without interruption and tuning, you can immediately put your increased speed and capacity to work, while receiving the full performance value for every node you add to the workload.

When storage is added to the ActiveStor architecture, so is DRAM cache, CPU, and network bandwidth. This allows the ActiveStor solution to more efficiently manage resources like hard drives and flash drives. And with massively parallel algorithms, you can uniquely and effectively utilize these additional hardware resources.