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ActiveStor Next Generation Hybrid Scale-out NAS

Hybrid Scale-Out NAS Director Blade and Storage BladesActiveStor® is a next generation NAS hardware appliance powered by the proven and mature PanFS® parallel file system. As a hybrid scale-out NAS solution, ActiveStor delivers the scalability and high performance required by demanding technical research and enterprise environments.

Hybrid Scale-Out NAS Director and Storage Blades

The ActiveStor appliance is a fifth-generation storage blade hardware platform powered by the PanFS hybrid architecture. The cost, performance, and scalability demands of large and growing data sets with mixed workloads are satisfied by:

  • Intelligent flash acceleration of I/O intensive workloads
  • Value from cost-effective enterprise SATA drives
  • 100% parallel data paths to maximize performance
  • A single, linearly scalable namespace

Performance and capacity scaling is accomplished by adding storage shelves populated with a combination of director and storage blades which are easily added to achieve extremely high performance and capacity levels. Storage blades address capacity and parallel I/O capability. Director blades serve metadata requests and provide NFS and enterprise CIFS protocol support. The ActiveStor hybrid architecture leverages both SATA and flash drives to deliver optimum overall performance at the lowest cost.

Why We Built a Hybrid NAS Solution

The promise of scale-out NAS is to overcome the scalability deficiencies in legacy architectures and lower the total cost of ownership of storage. While most NAS products scale to some degree, simultaneously achieving linear scalability, high performance, and high reliability with easy management is a challenge unmet by legacy architectures. The extreme growth of unstructured data used by technical computing and enterprise applications requires a new approach that breaks past legacy NAS limitations to address massive scalability and performance requirements. That's why we built it!

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