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Next-Gen Hybrid Scale-Out NAS

Panasas ActiveStor® is the first "no compromise" hybrid scale-out NAS appliance. ActiveStor is powered by the proven PanFS® storage operating system for seamless linear scale-out growth, exceptional performance, easy management, and revolutionary reliability.

Scale-Out NAS Storage BladesActiveStor is a next-generation storage appliance that delivers the high performance benefits of flash technology with the cost effectiveness of enterprise SATA disk drives. High parallel performance scales linearly with capacity — without the manageability and reliability compromises that often occur at scale. ActiveStor is specifically designed to accelerate innovation and discovery in technical research and enterprise environments including the energy, finance, government, life sciences, manufacturing, media, and university research sectors. Exceptionally high aggregate performance results in faster time-to-results and more efficient workflows resulting in greater productivity and profitability.

Top Benefits of ActiveStor Scale-Out NAS:

Benefits of Panasas ActiveStor Scale-out NAS

  • High Parallel Performance
    • Flash-accelerated hybrid architecture
    • Efficient parallel access
    • Direct data access without filer head bottlenecks
    • Linear scaling of performance as capacity grows
  • Easy Management
    • Under ten minutes for system setup
    • Single global namespace
    • Little to no additional management effort at scale


Large volumes of unstructured data (sometimes referred to as "big data") are increasingly used to drive innovation and discovery. Data sets to be processed and analyzed continue to grow rapidly presenting challenges to IT staff. Failure to cost-effectively address these challenges inhibits innovation and discovery — and ultimately bottom-line financial results. For these reasons, NAS products for technical enterprise and research environments must deliver fast time to results and efficiently and linearly scale to extremely high levels of aggregate performance.

While performance is critical, performance that comes at the expense of manageability can hamper workflows and impact productivity. For example, legacy NAS creates islands of storage making it unmanageable and costly. Some scalable NAS products use clustering to improve manageability, but cluster overhead and serial file processing in the data path can bottleneck performance. Finally, reliability and availability at scale is critical to workflows as hard drive failures occur directly in proportion to the number of hard drives in the system. As such, the benefits of greater capacity and performance at scale can be negated by lower data availability.

For all of these reasons, it is critical to select storage that addresses all three needs without compromise — fast performance, ease of management, and high reliability — all in a single scale-out NAS solution.


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Why Our Customers Chose Panasas Over The Competition

Why did you choose Panasas over the competition?

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Source: Survey of 112 users of Panasas ActiveStor

“We use Panasas as our global cluster scratch filesystem. It’s rock solid and stable as well as easy to administer. Our cluster is a multi purpose cluster, more than 50 different applications are running in the same time → small files, medium sized files, big files, MPI-IO or no MPI-IO and for this mixed workload the performance delivered by our PAS14 (SSD/SATA) is very very nice!”

Source: Allen Neeser, IT Systems Specialist, ETH Zurich

Geofizyka Krakow S.A improved their workflow productivity by 51-100% with Panasas Storage.

Source: Ryszard Rek, IT Administrator, Geofizyka Krakow S.A