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Storage for Media Production

You want technology that scales as big as your ideas. You need technology that accelerates results and works without hassles. You have amazing stuff to do, and the last thing you want is storage technology that gets in the way. This is why media and entertainment production professionals depend on Panasas ActiveStor.

Are you tired of scalability limitations on capacity, number of users, or lower performance at scale? Does high-complexity and lack of automation make your storage difficult to manage? Do you long for no reboots, no unplanned downtime, and no data loss? Does your storage slow everything down and make production artists less productive? Is it too slow for high-def and 4K editing projects? Do you wish rendering results could be faster? You’ve come to right place.

We take care of storage...

Why deal with storage issues when you can have a solution that reliably and transparently works behind-the-scenes for you as you complete each scene?

ActiveStor users experience:

  • Easy storage management – Only one IT admin from 100TB to 15PB
  • Faster results – Fully parallel architecture with fast direct-access functionality
  • No scalability brick walls – Incrementally and seamlessly scale-out to grow capacity, performance, and number of users
  • Rock-solid reliability – Mature file system and fifth generation hardware for enterprise reliability and efficient triple parity data protection with built-in disaster recovery
  • Choice of 4TB or HGST He8 Helium-filled 8TB drives that YOU can focus on creative

Panasas unleashes creativity for industry leading media and entertainment teams. We scale as big as your ideas...and we enhance creativity for...

  • Video post-production – High-def and 4K editing for a small team or a team of hundreds
  • Rendering – Video, VFX, graphics, etc.
  • Broadcast – Play to air, editing for real-time broadcast
  • Partner environments – Including Adobe, FlavourSys, SanFusion, MXF Server, and AutoDesk

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