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"The safe, cheap, simple storage and retrieval of file-based video assets is the single greatest need of any producer heading into the tapeless future"
The Digital Production Partnership

The modern tapeless digital workflow environment is demanding; whether they do post-processing, 3D animation rendering, content delivery or archiving, media organizations need a fast, dependable, and easy to manage storage platform that enables efficient delivery of high quality content. To meet those needs, an ideal solution should be file-based, offer high performance for mixed file sizes and have the flexibility to add capacity as needs grow.

Panasas ActiveStor is a file-based, high performance, scale-out NAS solution, ideal for managing media workflows. Combining high performance Solid State Drives (SSDs) and cost-effective Enterprise SATA hard disk storage, it provides high streaming throughput for large files and high performance for small files (metadata), critical to a smooth and efficient digital workflow. The integrated PanFS parallel file system delivers performance by spreading I/O across all available resources; when new storage is added, PanFS automatically distributes the workload over the new, larger pool. In this way ActiveStor is able to easily grow both performance and capacity linearly as requirements dictate. And finally, ActiveStor excels at ease of use and management; initial installs and online scaling of capacity and performance take under 10 minutes without system interruption.

Panasas ActiveStor is an ideal high performance storage solution for:

  • Post Production Processing
  • Digital Active Archives
  • Video/CGI/3D Effects
  • Non-linear Editing