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Panasas PanFS® 6 is the next generation storage operating system powering the ActiveStor® hybrid scale-out NAS appliance. Version 6 delivers revolutionary reliability and availability features that go far beyond previous PanFS releases. It includes robust triple parity data protection, per-file RAID 6+ for increasing reliability with scale, and extended file system availability to ensure business continuity when traditional NAS systems would be down. The new per-file RAID 6+ engine increases reliability by 150x over previous PanFS releases – changing the game for reliability at scale.

PanFS 6 includes the enterprise-grade Microsoft® Windows® support introduced in PanFS 5.5 for seamless interoperability in business-critical and heterogeneous technical computing environments.

PanFS 6 benefits include:

  • 150x greater reliability from RAID 6+ triple parity data protection
  • A revolutionary data availability model that increases reliability with scale
  • Data protection against multiple storage blades failures
  • Innovative and fast single sector disk repair
  • Robust extended file system availability for disaster recovery

Key Features

Feature Description
RAID 6+ triple parity data protection Sustains two simultaneous storage blade failures – supports single sector disk repair
Per-file distributed RAID Data reliability increases with the scale of ActiveStor
Triple-mirrored small files High protection for small files with IOPs and rebuilds at flash speeds
Linearly scalable parallel rebuild performance Fast system-wide parallel rebuild – avoids degradation of rebuild performance at scale
Extended File System Availability (EFSA) Preserves file system availability and helps ensure business continuity, even after one too many drive failures
Scalable client-side RAID Engine RAID performance scales with the client environment and eliminates hardware RAID bottlenecks
Feature Description
Enterprise-grade Microsoft Windows Support
  • Improved integration into heterogeneous IT environments
  • Commercially licensed CIFS protocol (SMB 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 )
  • Comprehensive Windows client support
  • Significantly enhanced Windows and Linux user and group authentication
  • High-fidelity Access Control List (ACL) support (including inheritance)
  • Active Directory enhancements: trusted domain support
  • Single computer account/single domain join

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