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Panfs® Storage Operating System

Panfs: Powering Panasas ActiveStor

PanFS® is the operating environment for the ActiveStor® family of scale-out NAS solutions. PanFS enables direct parallel access to a high-performance pool of storage under a single global namespace. Functions performed by PanFS include easy central management, linear scalability, data reliability, automatic load balancing, enterprise-grade data protection, high availability, and robust multiprotocol support for the most demanding industry and research applications.


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Key Benefits

  • Extreme Performance – High speed, parallel access to a single file system via DirectFlow®, NFS, and CIFS protocols
  • Unsurpassed Data Protection – 150x greater reliability from RAID 6+ triple parity data protection
  • High Scalability – Linearly scales to over 20PB and 200GB/s
  • Reliability at Scale – Intelligent per-file RAID increases data reliability with scale
  • Extended File System Availability – Robust extended file system availability for disaster recovery after one too many hard drive failures
  • Easy-to-Manage – One unified point of management with automatic load balancing; no more "islands of storage"
  • High-Speed Parallel Data Replication – SiteSync™ scalable performance data replication and file transfer

Key to the high value of Panasas storage is the tight level of integration delivered in every ActiveStor appliance. Unlike other storage systems that loosely couple parallel file system software with legacy block storage arrays, PanFS combines the functions of a parallel file system, volume manager, and scalable RAID engine into a single holistic platform – capable of serving petabytes of data at incredible speeds from a single file system. This is accomplished while avoiding the management burden and reliability problems inherent in most competitive network attached storage systems. This makes Panasas storage ideal for technical computing, private cloud computing, and dedicated storage environments. Enterprise-grade multiprotocol support enables seamless integration in heterogeneous Linux/Unix/Windows environments.

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