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Broadcast Media Solutions

Broadcasting media content is always a challenge. Live "on-air" broadcasts are unforgiving when things don’t go as planned. Recorded content for broadcast has its challenges too. Whether it is recording of a “live on tape” program, or content to be quickly edited and modified “on-the-fly” for a sports event – Your broadcast equipment, including storage, can make or break a production.

Both content acquisition and content distribution cannot accept compromise with regard to underlying storage – yet many broadcast professionals have learned to accept compromise. These compromises can be categorized into three areas:

  • Slow performance – especially as storage is scaled larger
  • Too much complexity and effort to manage – time and effort is better spent on creating compelling broadcast content
  • Unpredictable reliability and availability – frequent unplanned downtime, reboots, long RAID rebuild times, even lost data

Panasas for Broadcast – The No Compromise Storage Solution

Diagram depicting broadcast media solutions with Panasas ActivStor

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We eliminate storage complexity so that you can focus on broadcast content delivery. This starts with making storage very simple to manage and providing automation to eliminate routine and tedious storage tasks. By providing a seamlessly and linearly scalable storage appliance, Panasas ActiveStor® makes it easy to manage it all with a simple and intuitive web-based GUI. In the end, the ActiveStor difference delivers:

  • Highly available storage with rock-solid broadcast reliability
  • Exceptional performance to capture or playback multiple streams of high-res video without error
  • Storage system responsiveness for real-time edits and graphics
  • Easy management for IT or a tech savvy production team member - whether terabytes or petabytes

ActiveStor – The Storage Foundation For Your Broadcast Environment

Deploying ActiveStor in your existing broadcast environment is easy. We sit on your network and are compatible with most applications used for content creation, rendering, compositing, transcoding, workflow management, and other broadcast requirements. We are also compatible with leading Media Asset Management solutions. Whether it is play-to-air, content creation for broadcast, or active archive – we fit right in with your servers, Mac and Windows clients as well as many existing storage products.

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