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October 2011

By Admin on October 20, 2011
Categories: Big Data, Cloud Computing

Analyst firm, Intersect360 Research, has released a new white paper, “Solving Big Data Problems with Private Cloud Storage,” in which it describes Panasas as well-positioned to provide storage solutions for HPC private storage clouds. The comprehensive paper explores the challenges that HPC applications face, making public clouds less attractive than private cloud implementations.  HPC big data applications with very high data-to-compute ratios are challenged in a public...

By Geoffrey Noer on October 19, 2011
Categories: Big Data, Scale-out NAS

Over the last ten years, the HPC market has been transformed by the widespread adoption of compute clusters for technical computing workloads, accompanied by high growth rates in the generation of unstructured data. The storage industry has been responding by transitioning NAS architectures from old-school, legacy NAS to modern scale-out NAS approaches. Unsurprisingly, high performance computing has led the way in terms of requiring the most from scale-out products.

In the following slidecast I did for InsideHPC, I present some of the history behind scale-out NAS, and discuss how...

By Brent Welch on October 11, 2011

In my last post I talked about how the Panasas parallel file system (PanFS) achieves extreme performance for big data sets. It also provides redundancy without the need for hardware RAID controllers. In the attached video, Garth Gibson, Panasas founder and CTO, digs deep into the specifics of file system RAID and how PanFS delivers redundancy as part of the file system itself. He compares this innovative approach to most other parallel file systems which push...

By Brent Welch on October 7, 2011

In 2008 the first computer broke the petascale barrier, allowing a supercomputer to exceed 1015 operations per second. The Panasas parallel file system was instrumental in accomplishing this major milestone, achieving extreme performance for big data sets. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) built that first petascale system, “Roadrunner,” using the Panasas parallel file system to maximize I/O performance for the most demanding simulations and modeling applications. Roadrunner still remains one of the Top 10 supercomputing systems in...