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Introducing Panasas ActiveStor Ultra

Based on 20 years of file system experience, we’ve innovated and re-engineered the Panasas® ActiveStor® solution featuring PanFS 8 to take advantage of best-of-breed advances in software and hardware. By delivering the benefits of both high performance and ease of management, the ActiveStor® Ultra storage solution helps you get your important HPC work done faster, less expensively, and more reliably—without technology headaches.

Learn more about our introductory, special offer and get frustration-free HPC storage that is:

  • Fast: Consistent high performance regardless of workload complexity at any scale
  • Simple: The only plug-and-play parallel file system appliance; dock to data in one day; maximum performance out of the box, with no tuning required
  • Reliable: Highest level of reliability of any HPC parallel storage file system
  • Flexible: Seamlessly adapts to changing workloads; Linux and COTS hardware for rapid technology adoption
  • Cost-Effective: The lowest cost of operation of any parallel file system

Don’t miss out on our special introductory, limited-time offer: 1PB usable capacity and 16GB/s throughput performance for only $150K.


*Offer conditions: First PB per customer, orders by 10/31/19, delivery by 12/31/19, new customers only.

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