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Safeguarding HPC Storage and Customer Data with PanFS

Richio Aikawa | October 19, 2021

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PanFS High Performance Parallel File System

Now in its 9th generation, PanFS® — the Panasas parallel file system — delivers the highest performance among competitive HPC storage systems at any capacity, and takes the complexity and unreliability of typical high-performance computing (HPC) storage systems off your hands, and it does so using commodity hardware at competitive price points.

PanFS orchestrates multiple computers into a single entity that serves your data to your compute cluster. Through sophisticated software, multiple computers that each have HDDs and/or SSDs attached to them will work together to provide hundreds of Gigabytes per second (GB/s) of data being read and written by your HPC applications.

PanFS manages this orchestration without manual intervention, automatically recovering from any failures, continuously balancing the load across those computers, scrubbing the stored data for the highest levels of data protection, and encrypting the stored data to protect it from unwanted exposure. To safeguard the HPC storage and customer data, PanFS supports features that prevent unauthorized data access while the parallel file system is online, access control lists (ACLs) and SELinux, and one while the system is offline, hardware-based encryption at rest.

Safeguarding HPC Storage and Customer Data

Safeguarding HPC storage and customer data with zero performance impact is a pillar of the Panasas PanFS architecture. Through an extensive and efficient multi-layer security approach and with our security ecosystem partners, PanFS release 9 delivers on data security with SELinux per-file security label support, fine-grained filesystem ACLs, and fully managed hardware-based encryption- at-rest.

And with data security becoming an ever more important characteristic of storage systems, Panasas will continue developing solutions that protect your data from unauthorized access.

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