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All Hot, All the Time, Without All-Flash

Solving the HPC Storage Conundrum

Solve the riddle

When two premises are right, but two conclusions are wrong, what do you get? Answers to your most complex storage challenges.

The common predicament in HPC storage is that you want all the data hot all the time, but that means an all-Flash system and that’s extremely expensive. The common answer to this predicament has been storage tiering where you buy a layer of all-Flash for scratch, a layer of hybrid for active projects and an archive tier to store the cold data. This approach involves complexity in storage management, latency in getting the work done and a skill set that’s expensive to staff.

Join a webinar hosted by Addison Snell, CEO at Intersect360, that explores how leading entities like UCSD’s Center for Microbiome Innovation and a leading Fortune 500 manufacturer are solving this problem with a new technical capability that delivers all hot data at the cost of hybrid storage, without any of the complications or expense of a tiered approach.

Join us to find out how the riddle has been solved.


*Due to technical difficulties, the webinar will not be available on-demand. Sorry for the inconvenience.