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HPC Purchase Criteria Is Often

Way Off the Mark

New Research Reveals that What You Don’t Know
About HPC Storage Is Costing You

Data from a recently-published Hyperion survey revealed that many organizations who purchase High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage have conflicting purchase priorities – and are often underestimating system downtime and associated costs.

For example, when asked about their greatest operational challenges, organizations listed issues that ranked lowest on their priority purchase criteria. They also failed to plan for system downtime, which is a recurring problem for many organizations.

Research Shows That Organizations With HPC
Storage Are Experiencing Failures 9.8x a Year –
With an Average Downtime Cost of $127k per day.

If your organization has accepted that in order to get high performance at a good price, you must trade off reliability, management simplicity and exceptional support, we need to talk.

What you don’t know about HPC storage can cost you. Panasas can help.

Download the Hyperion Research Report