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Client-Side Architecture for High-Performance Storage

Panasas® DirectFlow® client software runs as a loadable file system module inside the kernel of the client operating system, as well as within the Panasas PanFS® platform. Because the client-side kernel implements a standard virtual file system interface, clients can access the PanFS operating environment as a standards-compliant Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) file system. The protocol parallelizes throughput and performance for large Linux cluster farms and other client platforms.

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Flexible, Multiprotocol Access

DirectFlow for Mac

Panasas DirectFlow for Mac accelerates workflows by extending the performance benefits of parallel input/output (I/O) over Ethernet to the Apple Mac platform and macOS.

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DirectFlow for Linux

Panasas DirectFlow for Linux supports fully parallel reads and writes from DirectFlow clients to object storage devices in large Linux compute environments without creating bottlenecks.

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NFS and SMB Protocols

The PanFS platform integrates into heterogeneous IT environments that include a combination of Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows clients.

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